Spiritual development

Words of Wisdom


The magic of a quote lies in that everyone can interpret it their own way. Its interpretation may provide the opportunity to reflect, to find inspiration or to be moved by the beauty of the message or by its depth. Meditate on these words of wisdom… Confucius, great Chinese Philosopher, wrote this beautiful sentence back […]

Confucius, the little man who was a great Sage…


Confucius, the Humanist, gave rise to a religion, a philosophy and a school of thought at the same time. Today, his teachings are still very much heeded because they remain modern and universal even after all these years. That is why I suggest we talk about him today. Confucius’ life A child was born in […]

Smile or laugh!


Worries, frantic life, stress… We find less and less time to laugh. Many studies prove it. How many times have you laughed or smiled today? Do you remember the last time you burst out laughing? Merely thinking about it brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Smile at life Each day, life sends opportunities […]

What is the meaning of the number 7?


Symbol of completion and perfection in every tradition,angel number 7 refers to the whole planetary orders, the whole celestial dwellings and the whole spiritual energies. But the number seven is shrouded in mystery and has many other meanings. Meaning of the number 7 in numerology  Obtained when adding 3, celestial symbol of Trinity, and 4, […]