Spiritual development

Love yourself in the mirror and elsewhere…


Loving yourself is one of the Pillars of Happiness. But you will grasp even more how important it is as you think about the following assertion, which you have certainly already heard: you cannot love others if you can’t love yourself. Loving each other means… Loving yourself does not mean that you are individualistic or […]

Discover the world of the Guardian Angels


Everybody has already heard of the Guardian Angels… And yet, few really know them. That’s a pity because knowing them and knowing how to talk to them can provide great benefits. What does the word “Angel” mean? This word comes from the Latin word “Angelus”, which means “Messenger”. The Angels have always been the messengers […]

How to gain access to knowledge via Feng Shui?


Coming from an infinitely cultured civilization – the Chinese – Feng Shui is a door granting access to several forms of knowledge, whether it concerns general culture, intuition, clairvoyance, deep knowledge or even personal development. Opening the door to Knowledge with a Feng Shui key To do that, you need to focus on two essential […]

Prayers to attain serenity


The powers of the sacred words is infinite when you master the art of using them. May this Prayer help you in your quest for peace and serenity. Prayer to find peace This Prayer will help you relax. Recite it, preferably at night. “Please, Guardian Angels, Give me the fire that brings joy, the sounds […]