The Spiritual Protection of Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

The black tourmaline is a natural stone with a high content of aluminum, ion, magnesium, lithium, sodium, and potassium. Amongst the various colors of the tourmaline stone, this one is the most popular. Discover more about the Spiritual Protection of the Black Tourmaline!

What is black tourmaline good for?

This stone is used by various stone healers to balance and harmonize the root chakras that are associated with the sensation of grounding and safety. It is also used for protecting people and the environment from Electromagnetic fields such as computers and cell phones. It protects us from the noise and radiation that comes from such gadgets.

Black tourmaline offers powerful spiritual protection!

This seemingly normal stone symbolizes the purification of negative energy from the mind, body, and soul. You can learn to use black tourmaline in a variety of ways, all of which offer positive benefits to your life. Your angels can offer you further guidance on its uses.

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What are the benefits of tourmaline?

It is the strongest protection stone in the kingdom of minerals. It has healed (physical and spiritual), dismissing worries, stress, fears, anxiety and calming properties. It deflects destructive energies away from a specific person or a place very efficiently. It is also the best choice when carrying out psychic work.

Black Tourmaline is a stone that is electrical and is a strong grounding stone. It provides an association between the human spirit and the Earth. Its positive energy lines up the energy hubs of the body and brings curing light all the way through the organism.

It encourages a sense of self-confidence and power, permitting a stronger, clearer and more objective opinion about the world. It is empowering to those who work in perplexing environments or when they face difficult situations.

Use for cleansing negative energy

It is ideal for converting negative energy into positive energy. It is one of the highly recommended stones because of its resilient powers to disperse negativity. It dispels negative energies emitted from other people called psychic attacks; this is the most common type of negative energy.

If a negative person is jealous of you and does not like you, their negative energy can affect you. It removes our own negative thoughts and negativity. It also destroys there mains of negative energies that are left behind in different places.

Stay calm and collected

There are certain moments when you have to hang around people that are not your well-wishers and just drain your energy. Sometimes it gets really hard to stand these types of people. It helps you stay calm and collected under such tough conditions.

It also has a soothing effect when required, grounding variable or dispersed energies into the earth.  Those people who have to deal with challenges from pessimism, recurrent worrying, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can benefit from the Black Tourmaline to help settle these problems. It will also purify any place or area it is placed at.

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What is black tourmaline used for?

Many people question that does black tourmaline works? Yes, it does! You can see it for yourself. Everyone can benefit from the black tourmaline protection stone because people endlessly contact other people and also their energies at work, at college etc.

The tourmaline protection helps you remain grounded, balanced, and prevents you from attracting negative and unwanted energies from other people and the environment. It is so beneficial that it should be a part of your First Aid Box!

Health and other benefits:

  • Stress is a widespread health issue nowadays which is causing many chronic diseases such as adrenal fatigue and adrenal exhaustion. The black tourmaline protection stone will help you release your stress.
  • It can help you if you are prone to obsessive and compulsive behavior.
  • The world today is so advanced, and almost everyone uses laptops, computers, T.V., and cellular phones. Therefore electromagnetic sensitivity is very popular. Scientists have proven the negative impact of vibrations originating from electrical gadgets and cell phones on the human body’s electrical system. Adding tourmaline protection stones in your bedroom will help you to normalize your body’s electrical system. It protects from dangerous electromagnetic radiation. Please avoid putting your cellular devices in the room you sleep in.
  • Relives anxiety
  • It protects people from negative energies and transforms negative energies into positive energies.
  • It improves immunity and strengthens the heart, the colon, and the adrenal glands.
  • Encourages detoxification and cleansing of the body.
  • Escalates the level of alertness.
  • Also, support organ systems.
  • It helps to toughen and stabilize the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • Helps those who suffer from dyslexia
  • Removes deadly heavy metals
  • Helps in blood circulation
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Harmonizes clears and balances auras and chakras.
  • It helps with the relief of strained and torn tissues such as scar tissue, muscle pain, and numbness.
  • Very useful for people who have lung diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis, Pleurisy, and pneumonia.

Benefits of wearing this stone:

  • It can be worn as jewelry pieces that are easily available, including pretty pendants, jagged stones that are fixed in silver, and beads.
  • It is a birthstone for the Capricorn sign so you can use beautiful birthstone charms and ornaments containing this specific stone.
  • Wearing black tourmaline is very beneficial and is highly recommended
  • Wearing Black Tourmaline jewelry will help you, as these stones belong to the 2 lowest chakras. These are the base chakra and the earth star chakra.
  • This stone is powerful for grounding
  • Wearing this stone helps to prevent bad dreams and nightmares.

How to use black tourmaline?

This stone comes in all types of sizes and shapes, and the bigger the stone in size the more energy it will possess. Numerous black tourmaline small stones can be equivalent to one big stone. Large stones can be placed in a room at your house or on the desk at your work where you spend most of your time to cleanse the aura of the room from all sorts of negative energies.

If you spend long hours working on your laptop or even your cell phones, it is best to keep a large to medium size black tourmaline close to clean your zone of all unhealthy electromagnetic field.  Electromagnetic fields make people feel tired and suck all their energy. It can also help you reject such negative energy whether you feel tired or not. If you are around electromagnetic gadgets, you are getting affected by the negative electromagnetic vibrations.

Boost your physical strength

You can also carry around a tiny chunk in your purse or pocket to boost your physical strength throughout the day.  It can also be worn as a piece of jewelry such as charms, medallion, bracelet, pendants or necklace, so it can protect you wherever you go. Many people do not know that this stone should only be worn on the left side of your body because energies go into the aura via the left side

You will come across many people that carry loads of negative energies, if you have this stone with you, you will be spared from any negative energy.

Stone for empaths & lightworkers

Black Tourmaline stone is the stone for empaths, lightworkers or anybody involved in spiritual work. Many people are empaths, intuitive, sensitive and compassionate. These people attract weak and negative people who drain their energies away. These empaths are more vulnerable to engross the negative energy that is around them, so having this black tourmaline protection stone is extremely recommended. The easiest way to use this stone is with jewelry.

Get a long chain, so the black tourmaline pendant hangs over the solar plexus part when wearing it around your neck. You can also wear this stone on your wrist in the form of a bracelet.

How this stone can Help People?

As we have mentioned earlier that these stones are capable of sending back the negative energy, but what people do not know is that it will not perform this task unless it has the presence of mica in it, which is a silverfish inclusion on the stone

By now we are all aware that this stone converts negative energy into positive energy. But only if it comprises mica, it will return negative feelings to the person who sent it in the first place, making that person realize what has happened. It can be combined with other healing crystals for a better job, such as Fire Agate.

This stone is an influential and powerful support to help people let go of the negativity produced by the way they live their lives. Go and get your stone and see its wonders!

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