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How to know if you are bewitched

know whether we are bewitched

We sometimes think that bad luck sticks to us like glue and that we are the victims of an evil spell. But how to differentiate between an unfortunate coincidence and a spell? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find and know whether we are bewitched or not.

Bewitchment in response to an act of black magic

The first thing to do when you fear you are subjected to a spell is to make sure part of the troubles we are facing does not come from ourselves or from those who surround us. I know it is not pleasant to have to view the problem from that perspective but, before any other action is undertaken, you must put that assumption to the test and ensure it is not at the root of your problems, thus the need to know whether we are bewitched or not.

Here is an example: by trying to put an act of black magic into practice against someone, it would only be normal to suffer what is called a “backlash”.

But I am totally sure this is not your case. So, make sure you have not unknowingly been rubbing shoulders with people in connection with the black aspect of magic.

Does the bewitchment come from your residence?

Another question to ask yourself is the following: is the place where I live not baleful? There are indeed places that are plagued by spells and powerful evil charms. The former occupiers might have been connected to evil deeds.

One last question: is the place where the house was built not lying on a line of telluric forces bearing negative waves that disrupt the vibrations of its inhabitants?

Still, the fact remains that the troubles that plague your life may come from spells and bewitchments cast by some ill-intentioned people. You should have already find out and know whether we are bewitched or not, but just in case, to find out more, you can consult this article.


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