Turquoise Stone Guide


When it comes to healing stones, few have as expansive a history as the turquoise gemstone. So let’s start off by taking a look at the basics of the turquoise gem.

Turquoise gemstone – From Ancient Egypt to the Aztec and Incas of South America, these stones appear all over the place. This is, of course, no accident. In this article we are going to focus on two main aspects of this healing stone: the meaning of this gem (including a look at its journey through human history) and the uses/properties of turquoise stones.

The Basics

As the name of the stone would suggest, its color is a light blueish/bluey-green. One of the interesting aspects of this stone is the veins of brown, cream and sometimes silver that not only provide the stone with character but give you the impression that it’s alive. It works to remind us all that the Earth is a powerful force and dishes out these healing gems that were created from the Earth’s core over incredible periods of time before working their way up to nearer the surface. It’s hardly surprising that many view these stones as humbling.

Turquoise Meaning

The crystal meanings will always vary depending on who you ask. This gem can be found in jewelry throughout all major civilizations in human history and the turquoise jewelry meaning could mean one thing or another. If you asked the Ancient Egyptians about their turquoise stone ring meaning then they may tell you that it represents immortality and nobility. If you asked the Aztecs of South America about their turquoise bracelet meaning then they may tell you that it’s a symbol of wisdom.  Nowadays, one of the most common traits associated with the gem is protection. Some cultures today view it as a symbol of luck as well.

So what does turquoise mean? Well, the turquoise spiritual meaning may vary from person to person depending on their individual interactions with the gem. No interpretation is necessarily wrong as one person could experience something completely different from another. One thing is certain though: this stone contains protective powers that can work as a spiritual shield. Ancient warriors would often carry this very stone with them into battle: Partly for good luck but also to ward off any negative energy or spirits. These are just some of the uses that the stone can provide but let’s take a more in-depth look at perhaps more practical uses.

Turquoise Healing Stone Uses

The metaphysical properties of turquoise are often forgotten about due to the desire by many simply to wear this stone as jewelry (something we will look at in more detail in a moment). For starters, the gem connects with your Throat Chakra. Its effect could be as simple as helping you clear any Throat Chakra blockages. This is important in order to keep your spiritual energy clean and flowing throughout your entire body. They could also be a more direct path to discovering truth and wisdom which in turns aids in increase your Throat Chakra pathways.

This stone is also associated with improved communication. The influence it has on communication abilities isn’t in reference to talking to friends, family or colleagues but rather divine beings. Using this stone increases your vibrational energy level and allows for more direct contact with your angels or spirit guides. There are several ways you could choose to do this: you may hold the stone in your hand during prayer or meditation or you may surround yourself with these gems (either loosely or through jewelry e.g. a turquoise necklace).


When it comes to wearing jewelry with such a stone, you don’t have to limit yourself. So whether you’re wearing sylver rings with turquoise stone or a turquoise stone necklace, you’ll get the same benefits. Simply by having this gem in your presence you will feel protected and connected to your angels. Of course you need to keep in mind that gems do require recharging and so the more you wear a gem, the faster it will drain. The benefit of wearing gems is that when you’re out in nature or in the sun, most gems will naturally recharge.

If you decide to meditate with these stones then there are several ways you can achieve a deeper interaction with the gem’s energy. For example, if you wish to guide the turquoise stone benefits to a certain area of your body, mind or soul. The simplest way to do this is through visualization: picture the energy in your mind and visualize it flowing from the stones directly to whatever aspect of you requires healing. Similarly, reaching out to your angels for their aid in guiding the gem’s natural healing energies will always be a beneficial practice.

The turquoise stone price can range from anywhere between $1 to $10 per carat.

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