Soul Family – A guide to the ideas of a Soul Family and Soulmates

soul family

You’ve probably heard the term soulmate or soul mate (different people prefer the term with or without a space) before but have you ever heard of a soul family or a soul group? In this article we will explore the meaning behind soul families and soul groups. We’ll aim to answer the question: what is my soul group? As well as how to find your soul group and of course, in a discussion about souls you may be asking yourself: does everyone have a soul? So we will briefly explore that concept as well.

Soulmate or Soul Mate

Most people have come across the term soulmate before, usually in a romantic film or some sort of love story. You probably imagine a scene where two strangers bump into each other and then fall head over heels in love as they realize what a perfect match they are for each other.

It means something a little different than that. Soulmates, in simple terms, are other beings that you’ve encountered within other lives, realms or are connected to on some deep level beyond a basic spiritual connection. You have two different types of soulmate: soul family and soul group.

What is my Soul Group?

Let’s first take a look at a soul group. Your soul group is essentially your soul friends or workmates, more accurately they are your travel companions. People within the same soul group are on the same or similar paths and act as support for one another.



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You don’t always travel the entirety of the journey together but you’ll feel the connection and know that your journey, whatever it may be, just got a lot easier by not doing it alone.

You may be wondering how to find your soul group. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that you’ve probably met at least one of your soul group members. The bad news is that meeting new members is usually brought on by life changing events.

It’s also possible that not all of your soul group is here on Earth at this time. That’s not to say you won’t still find them but you do have to be patient. By becoming more in tune with your spirituality and your souls journey, you’ll increase your chances of find more members.

Soul Family

Soul families are slightly different to your soul group. Where your soul group is like your travel buddies, soul families are just that: families. The key difference is that your soul family isn’t necessarily traveling on the same path as you. Soul families are like real families: they serve to support, protect and care for each other, helping all members reach their goals.

So how do you find them? Well, meeting your spiritual partner, particularly someone from your family, is no minor event. Soul family signs are quite easy to spot. You’ll instantly feel a connection that just seems out of this world. There is often a familiarity, as if you have known this person from your entire life despite having just met them.

Does everyone have a Soul?

This is a common question, especially when you get onto the topic of soulmates. The short answer is yes, everyone has a soul. The real debate lies in whether animals have souls and if so, do all of them? But as far as humans go, everyone has a soul. There can be variation in each soul as not all have traveled the same journey and they can be different ages (in a sense).

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