True Spiritual Ascension Meaning

Ascension meaning

According to people, there are various definitions of Ascension that mean a lot of things. The dictionary meaning is the deed of ascent or ascending to be climbed up or to rise. The notion or ascension meaning itself can be clarified in numerous different backgrounds relying on the spiritual philosophy or tradition.

Ascension meaning

The process and symptoms and signs related_posts to it occur on a personal and physical level. It includes the speeding up of the energy of vibrations and the development of awareness which generates a change in consciousness.

Once a specific life system increases its state of vibration from one energetic state of the dominion of existence, to a new greater one, it is ascending. Explained simply, it is just like tuning in to a proper radio channel frequency, you would not be able to hear a certain radio channel if not tuned in to its accurate frequency.

While its process is taking place, modifications are occurring on every level of your existence. Ascension meaning is a natural universal advancement process.

As an individual moves into the frequency of vibrations their consciousness inflates, indications or symptoms are experienced on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

Ascension meaning points that your entire system is restarting, being advanced. Old habits and routines start to finish as the individual begins to exemplify a lot more light.

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When individual moves through the progression course, he or she might feel that the symptoms and energy turn out to be much more extreme and powerful for numerous days, and then unexpectedly these symptoms might stop overall for a while, or indications may abruptly shift or change in frequency or intensity.

The ascension meaning and experience are not the same for everyone and symptoms can also differ accordingly depending on the level of one’s, personal vibration, awareness, the purpose of life, and spiritual exercise.

Spiritual awakening

Before we get into further discussion about Ascension we need to distinguish between ascension and spiritual awakening for they are NOT the same.

Although the two always occur together. It is the external awareness of a fresh reality whereas spiritual awakening is the inner understanding of the soul.

It is a bodily shift of the vibrations on the outer while spiritual awakening is a huge change on the inner. Ascension is related_posts to this bodily dimension. Awakening, on the other hand, is the awareness of the soul.

A spiritually awakened person is someone who has understood that there is more to life than just the materialistic world and who can perceive beyond the mask of vagueness and is indeed going through the process of ascension.

Ascension meaning is existing in a state of unanimity and oneness. There is no concept of self, but there is Oneness awareness, and that ascended person utilizes the qualities of their human presence to communicate.

It is nearly impossible to be in a state of oneness all day and all night and also maintain a normal life. That is why the person who finds out true ascension meaning, will have to endlessly struggle to do a daily exercise of reflection and meditation, calming the mind, and allowing as well as going with the flow.

Symptoms and Signs

  • When you are going through the process of Ascension, you just get the feeling or sense that there is something that is changing. You will feel different for explanations you cannot think of.
  • Digestive and stomach problems, gastrointestinal issues like not feeling hungry any more and feeling nauseated for no reason at all.
  • Unexpected fluctuations in body temperatures like amplified sensitivity or feeling intolerant towards cold or heat in particular areas of the body.
  • Catching fluctuating cold or flu and abruptly not having it anymore.
  • Getting headaches especially in the crown of your head.
  • Sensing strange kinds of smells that are not coming from anywhere.
  • Hearing odd sounds and frequencies in the ears.
  • Strange vision and perception like seeing a shadow or flashes of light.
  • Unusual diet and eating habits like cravings or aversions to particular foods and sudden weight loss or gain.
  • Strange allergies to products.
  • Disturbed sleep patterns like insomnia or sleeping for hours.
  • Staying in a fantasy world and daydreaming with increased imagination.
  • General body sores, pains, and bruises.
  • Clumsiness or feeling dizzy or like you will fall any moment.
  • Irregular bursts of energy like getting hyper-active or experiencing panic attacks.
  • Feeling extremely sensitive or emotional.

It is uplifting your energy and consciousness into new worlds of insight, involvement, and establishment. Moving from one layer to another, you may ascend inside a dimensional and spiritual realm. Ascension meaning is that you elevate the energy within you, stir your awareness, and experience a fresh world.

Body and Spirit

It is about humans cleansing, evolving, and healing the energies within us into a greater form climbing to a higher level of vibrations. Very few people realize that ascension meaning is altering the body you have into a body that will suck in much more light and greater vibrations of energy.

It is working on and curing the body you are given, and also cleansing your energies. If you make your body your priority, you will realize how essential healing the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are. Every person might experience ascension and life modifications in their exceptional way only if they are open to it.

Keep in mind that you are not a body that has a spirit. You are a spiritual person who lives in a physical frame. This body is your shrine. We do not disagree that others may help you, but in the end, YOU are accountable for your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Take care of yourselves!

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