Tree Energy healing? Discover the healing abilities of Trees

tree energy healing

Have you ever wondered why sitting under a tree feels so good? Often it happens that when you are in the presence of the trees, you will feel as if your whole life has changed. A certain energy runs through your body while you feel the peace of mind and soul will take over you.  Discover now more about Tree Energy Healing! 

Trees and their Tree Healing Energy

There are people who go to sit under trees because it helps them relax as they breathe into the fresh oxygen released by the trees. This is why it is recommended to plant trees in your house! Do you know why that happens or have you ever heard anyone talking about the healing power of trees? If not, it is time for you to find out!

Tree Energy Healing is a process that takes effect when you are in an area where the trees are present. Trees have healing abilities which are a direct consequence of their ascended vibrational frequencies. As compared to most other living creatures, the vibrational frequencies of trees are known to be much more slow, patient, and deeper.

These spiritual trees can help you tune into the Divine Light for you to access spiritual healing. As the energy inside the tree vibrates, the tree energy healing  takes the form to help you feel secure, stable, at peace, and safe.

Everyone witnesses a point in time, even several points in time, when they feel distressed and worrisome such as when things in life are not going according to plan or life is falling apart. At times like this, you can always get access to tree energy healing power by just sitting under trees. It is as simple as that, and since you can find trees everywhere in the world, it is a very easy way to get your mind to find its peace.

Tree Energy Healing – Tune right into to it

Get outside in the presence of the trees which are awaiting you so that they can be given a chance to heal your inner body, mind, and soul. As you ask the trees to heal and guide you towards healing, you need to be very alert to your intuition to figure out which tree is calling out to you.

Once you have identified the tree that is available to heal you, go near it. You can sit under the tree, stand in front of it with your palms on the trunk, or even lean your back against it and sit on the ground.

Now, for the tree healing energy to start taking its effect, you should start off by closing your eyes and breathing as slowly as you can. Foremost, clear your mind of any thoughts not associated with the tree energy healing process you are about to engage yourself in. Once your mind is completely clear and empty, you will start hearing sounds from nature which are discrete to you only. You might even start seeing images in your mind – these are ways in which the tree tries to communicate with you.

Trust Your Tree and Let It Heal!

The tree energy healing can help you let go of things in your mind that have no purpose left in your life. Thus, you need to open up your heart and let the tree get inside you to know whatever is in your mind. If you keep your heart blocked, the tree would not be able to help heal you.

The healing power of trees is very incredible in itself as it can gradually ease you of any pain or suffering you have been encountering. As they release fresh oxygen into the air surrounding you, the trees can take away your pain and release it into the light of nature.

While you are in connection with the tree, focus on any negativity that you think has been lately occupying your mind or body. If there are any feelings of distress or sorrow, find the source. Once you have the negativities in your mind, the tree will itself suck them out of you, and through its roots, it will go down into the Earth; out of you.

As this happens, you will feel a shift in emotions which will trigger a great deal of energy inside your body. You need to be able to control that energy. For that, you can call upon the Angels for help by making a small prayer. Make sure your intention is pure, and you make the prayer with a pure heart.

The Tree Might Want to Talk to You

You need to be very careful as you tune into the ascended vibrational frequencies of the tree. These spiritual trees might want to communicate with you, and if your mind is occupied with some other thoughts, the tree might not want to heal you. Thus, you need to ensure that your complete focus is on the tree and its healing abilities. You can’t afford to upset the tree for it is it that is going to help heal you.

You need to trust the tree and believe in its abilities to be able to heal you from whatever you have been suffering. If you do not believe in the tree healing energy of the tree, then going through this whole process would be a waste. The utmost important thing for you to start a process such as this is to believe that you will get the desired effects.

One way to help that happen is to pray to the Angels to bless you with their love and light to help, guide, and assist you in a way that you will benefit from the healing trees energy healing process. The Angels are always available to help you. Thus, you need not worry about being alone – even if you are in a jungle to be blessed by the healing abilities of the trees.

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