What does it mean to Open your Third Eye?

What Does it Mean to Open your Third Eye

We often hear people discussing the Third Eye. We hear the term being used in relation to consciousness, expanded consciousness, being awakened, spirituality, psychic powers, and much more. Spiritual teachers and gurus will often be depicted in art with a third eye located on their forehead.

We even see reference to the Third Eye within Chakras, and it is located in the center of the forehead, slightly above the eyes. But what does it mean to open your third eye, and how can you do it? These are the two questions that we aim to answer!

What is the Third Eye?

The mystical and mysterious third eye has a fascinating history through the symbolism and stories of ancient cultures. No matter where you look in the world, whether it is Ancient Egypt, Rome, or modern-day spiritual practices, you can find references to the Third Eye.

Several gods in Ancient Egypt had this energy center, the powerful eye which could see beyond the physical. The ‘Eye of Ra’ and the ‘Eye of Osiris’ can be found in hieroglyphs and artwork from this time period.

This eye could see beyond the void, which is how we would describe seeing into the spiritual world in the present. Nowadays, we acknowledge the Third Eye as being a metaphysical center located in the middle of the head, as a point of pressure between the eyebrows.

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Pineal Gland

We have come to connect this spiritual aspect to the pituitary gland, which is responsible for controlling many different processes throughout the body and is sometimes referred to as the “master gland”.

This gland has been associated with dream states, and within spirituality, it is responsible for awareness, psychic powers, sleep, and intuition. In a way, the Third Eye is a spiritual sense: where our eyes see the physical, this eye sees the spiritual.

The key difference is that the Third Eye does not “see” as our other eyes. Instead, it detects and connects to the spiritual world and is ultimately a connection between our physical selves and our spiritual selves.

What does it mean to open your Third Eye?

The problem many people face when it comes to their Third Eye, and often the reason they feel so unfamiliar or disconnected from it, is that much like our physical eyes, the Third Eye can close, thus the frequent question: What does it mean to Open your Third Eye?

When a Third Eye closes, we begin to lose trust in our intuition, our connection to the spiritual world fades, we lose any desire to connect with our spiritual selves, and our dreams become bland and uninteresting, sometimes even stopping completely.

Your Third Eye can also become calcified, meaning that a combination of unhealthy, low-vibration foods and activities which lead to negative emotions and energy can essentially cause your Third Eye to become trapped in a stone-like case, so to speak.

When this happens, it does not matter if your Third Eye is open or closed, as it is unable to function. People who eat a lot of processed foods or drink sugary beverages in excess will often become materialistic, greedy, and narcissistic as they begin to lose touch with their spiritual selves.

The idea of opening your Third Eye can mean one of two things. In relation to Chakras, to open your Third Eye is to unblock it of negative energy so that spiritual energy can pass freely from one Chakra to the next, all the way from the Root Chakra to the Crown Charka.

But outside of Chakra, opening your Third Eye is the action of reconnecting your physical self to your spiritual self. It is acknowledging that you have been asleep (in spiritual terms) but are now ready to be awakened.

There are a variety of ways to open your Third Eye, so let us explore some of the simple, yet effective methods.

Learning how to open your Third Eye

Some of the simplest methods for opening your Third Eye are also the most effective. When it comes to practicing spirituality and connecting with your spiritual self, many people will already carry out these exact methods.

However, the intention behind why you are carrying them out is vital. In order to open your Third Eye, you have to set that as your intention, so that whenever you are completing one of these methods, you know that is your goal.

Opening your 3rd eye is instantaneous, but you still need to manage your expectations. Think back to when you first wake up in the morning. Your eyes have only been closed for a few hours, but when you first open them, it takes time for your eyes to adjust to your surroundings.

Your vision can be blurry, you may need to blink or rub your eyes, colors can seem bright or even too intense.

Methods for Opening your Third Eye

When it comes to opening your Third Eye, the first thing everybody should do is connect with silence. By silence, we mean allowing your mind to reach a quiet state where it is not bombarded with sensory information or internal dialogue.

The best way to reach this state is through meditation, as it allows your mind to focus on the present.

Meditation Practice

Meditation allows you to create a stronger connection with your intuition, which brings us to our next method. Learning to trust your intuition can feel like a scary endeavor, but this is important as your Third Eye plays a role in your intuition.

So, by building a deeper connection with your intuition, you encourage your Third Eye to become more active. For this method, it is perfectly normal to start small. You can listen to your gut when it comes to deciding which train to get or which present to buy a friend.

Aim for decisions that have very little risk, as your intuition will not always be right, to begin with.

Just be creative

One final simple, yet effective method is to embrace your creativity. Many aspects of our creative minds stem from our connections to both our spiritual selves and the spiritual world.

These processes are often sub-conscious in nature and can even be influenced by our intuition. By allowing yourself to create freely and without restrictions, you can help to activate and open your Third Eye.

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