First Day of Winter 2020, Beginning of a New Season! (updated)

First Day of Winter

So, when is the first day of winter 2020, and what is it all about, Also known as “winter solstice,” December 21st marks the first day of winter. If you follow the astronomical calendar, you already know that this is when does winter starts. So, what is the significance of this day? Winter solstice is the short day of the whole year, with the fewest number of hours in the sunlight.

Beginning of winter and what does it mean?

Let’s first try to understand the meaning behind the word solstice used for the first day of winter. It is a mixture of two Latin words. ‘Sol’ means sun and ‘Sister’ means to stand still. What do they mean when brought together?

This can be understood by finding out the meaning behind the whole concept. Like all other years, it is the transition from summer to winter.

As this transition takes place, the point on the horizon where the sun sets every day in the evening and raises in the morning moves southwards. At the winter solstice, the Sun’s high point has reached its southernmost position.

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The First Day of Winter 2020 – Length of the first day!

After this, the path will start moving towards the north. However, there is a period in the middle in which the path alters itself hardly and hence appears frozen at the moment, not moving.

This is how its name came into being. Does it make sense now? If you’re still confused, you will find out soon enough. A common query is about the time lag between the shortest day of the year and the lowest temperature.

This makes absolute sense. If the first day of winter 2020 will have the shortest number of hours in the sunlight why is the recorded average temperature not the lowest? Now here is the reason why!

Although the exposure to the sun is minimized, the sun is still there burning bright. The earth is cooling, but it still has a lot of heat from the summer and fall time which will take time to disappear.

So, the lowest temperature will be recorded in a month or two after the first day of winter.

The mystery of the stone hedge!

What is the secret behind the stone hedge? This is often a much asked about the question. People are fascinated by the stone hedge and want to learn the details about it. Was it made to celebrate the day winter begins?

There is an ambiguity surrounding the answers. Experts have explained that the start of the seasons was taken into account during its construction which is evident from the placement of the stones and the design of the structure.

Others say that it was made as a place of worship. People gathered here to worship the sun. Another idea is that it was used as an observatory to peep into the galaxy above in an attempt to unravel the many secrets it holds.

But since the stone hedge was built years and years ago, we have no proof to validate our theories. There are at the end of the day just theories. Whether it was made to commemorate the beginning of winter or not remains a mystery.

Is it the start or the mid of season? Your query answered!

One confusion about this day like in the years before is about what it marks. Does it mark the beginning or the middle? We cannot give a definite answer to this question.

If you are from an astrological background or follow the calendar, you will see it as the beginning of winter. The seasons in the schedule is organized by the position of the earth concerning the sun.

But if you have a more practical approach towards life and instead of understanding the scientific phenomena, have a meteorological calendar hanging in your kitchen, then your answer to the question is different.

For you, winter is broken down into three months and marked by the average temperature recorded. So, you see the answer to these questions depends on which school of thought you belong to and which calendar you follow.

What does winter solstice mean to you?

It depends on the person you are. Some of us love snow. We can’t wait to be away from the heat of the sun that makes us sweat and takes away the simple pleasures of life like a walk in the part. Forget about cycling to work under that scorching sun.

There is a beauty to the quiet of winter that gives you a moment to catch up on life. How can we forget about the holiday season?

The sound of children laughing, couples arguing over which tree to buy, bells ringing and Christmas carols being sung and the crackle of the fire, it’s all associated with winter.

People look forward to special food only prepared in the winter., sipping on their coffees and nibbling nuts. The start of winter marks a chance to redeem ourselves, to be better, and to enjoy life.

Why some of us aren’t that excited for the first day of winter 2020?

But not everyone is a fan. For some, the beginning of winter marks the end of freedom. Time to get huddled in layers of clothes to keep us warm. You’re trapped by snow, blizzards, and the freezing temperatures.

Nobody likes being stuck in the house with the terrible flu. There is always the fear of accidents. Scared mothers wait for their children to come home as they watch the news about snow blockades and slippery walkways.

Whether you feel good or bad about the season, it is the beginning of something new. Like all things in life, there are two sides to the winter as well.

Here is to hoping that the first day of winter 2020 will bring us joy and promise of the wonderful season ahead filled with love and happiness. Here is to hoping it will be better than all the ones before. Stay warm and stay safe.

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