Channeling: How to channel messages through spiritual energy


Whether you realize it or not, chances are that you’ve experienced channeling before. It could have been angel or spiritual channeling. So what does channeling mean? Put simply, it is the use of a higher being’s energy to promote and increase your own. This can be used in a near-infinite number of ways. In this article, we will look at how to prepare for angel channeling, what the process actually involves and how you can best use this energy. We’ll also look at how channeling angels can provide you with a message and what this meaning may be.

What does Channeling mean?

The term spiritual channeling is a blanket term used to cover any form of channeling with a spiritual being. This could be angels, archangels, ghosts or any other sort of being that doesn’t require a physical body. In order to better communicate with such beings, you need to increase your vibrational energy. Everything in this universe has vibrational energy and by matching it, you can connect and better communicate. Matching that of an angel is nearly impossible but you CAN get close which allows them to cover the rest of the distance.

Spiritual Channeling

Spiritual channeling is a term more often associated with beings such as ghosts. Using Ouija boards is a form of spiritual channeling but isn’t one that we’ll be covering in this article. However, in the context of this article, the terms spiritual channeling and angel challenging mean the same thing.



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There are two main reasons people channel. The first one is to receive higher vibrational energy. This could be in preparation for the second option or it could be as a form of higher aid if they’re perhaps struggling with a certain battle in life. The second option is to receive messages from these beings. This could be in answer to a question or simply as a form of guidance.

How to Prepare for Spiritual Channeling

If you’ve ever meditated before then you’ll have a good starting block at which to begin your channeling. Either way, there are extra preparations that should be made. You want your room to be full of positive energy and have as little negativity in it as possible. Some simple ways to do this are: placing a crystal ball in the room, lighting some candles (particularly the same color as your archangel), incense also works pretty well. This prepares your environment but you also need to prepare your mind. Sticking to a diet of high vibration foods is a great help. Naturally grown and free of additives is a safe way to avoid low energy foods. Avoid alcohol, drugs or foods high in sugars. This also includes any processed foods.


Before you start channeling, you need to be in the perfect frame of mind. For this, you should meditate. If you’ve never meditated before, simply sit or lie down in a quiet place. Focus on your breathing. Pay attention to when breath in starts and when it ends, notice when the breath out starts and when that ends. Anytime you feel your mind beginning to wander, simply go back to focusing on your breathing. Do this until you feel like you can notice each thought before you have it.

Begin Channeling

To start, you want to remain in this same headspace. You’re going to concentrate on what your purpose of this action is. Are you channeling angels? Are you trying to contact other spirits? Why do you need their aid? Have all this in mind and focus on it. Open up your mind and soul but remain focused. Don’t expect to feel any change straight away. If you’re trying to receive energy from an archangel then focus on their color. In your mind or out loud, inform them of why you need it. Stay in this mindset until you feel like it’s served its purpose. Trust your instincts.

Channeling to Receive a Message

If you’re searching for a specific answer then stay in your meditative state. Ask the spirits, angels or archangels your question. Listen for their answer but be wary that it may come from inside you. For example, if you ask them “Does anyone need my help?” and you suddenly think of your mother then that is your answer. Don’t hold out for a message in the clouds or a visit from Gabriel. Sometimes spiritual channeling simply leads you to the answer you were searching for. Channeling meaning doesn’t have to be divine; it can sometimes be a journey within that is aided by higher beings.

Pen to Paper

With that in mind, there is another technique some use to receive a message. Before preparing for the channeling, have a piece of paper and a pen ready. Ask your question or for guidance on your situation and wait. Hold the pen in one hand so that the point is in the center of the paper. You’ll begin to feel your hand moving and the trick here is to just let it. Some people worry because it feels like they themselves are guiding it. This can be how it feels and if that is the case for you, simply trust your instincts and go with it.

Many ask: What does channeling mean? It’s different from person to person and the messages received through this technique are rarely clear words. You may be left with a series of symbols or perhaps some badly drawn pictures. Either way, you’re then going to have to interpret these for yourself. This can be a little tricky and you may struggle to work out what the messages mean. Again, it is essential that you trust your gut instincts here, as your conscious mind may be incapable of working it out. Just remember that the answer came from within and so it is still there. Angel channeling isn’t always as straightforward as a yes or no answer.

Patience is a Virtue

As with many of these techniques, patience is an incredibly vital factor. It’s important to keep that in mind before you go in. You may not get a clear answer the first, second, third, or twentieth time. Just keep a note of the feelings and thoughts you had, the symbols you saw and perhaps what you think they might mean. If you used the pen to the paper method then keep your scribbles as they could have a larger meaning that you just can’t see yet.  Channeling angels could provide some interesting insights into yourself and that the channeling meaning may surprise you.

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