Angel Aura Quartz – A Crystal for Aura Cleansing and Path Choosing

Angel Aura Quartz

When we look at crystals, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different kinds. There are a huge number of crystals and gems, but then each of them has a range of varieties, and many of them come in different colors and hold different properties. We’re going to focus just one of these variations as we explore the angel aura quartz, which is just one specific type of aura quartz, which in turn is just one type of quartz. So, let’s jump right in and look at the angel aura quartz meaning.

Angel Aura Quartz Meaning

Whenever we’re looking at any crystal, we always have to take the name into consideration. Many crystals have been used since ancient times, and the names that they’ve been given reflect some connection to a deity, belief, or spiritual practice. In other cases, such as with the angel aura quartz meaning, we find that the name is quite simply a reflection of the appearance of the stone.

When you look at an angel aura crystal, it’s difficult not to feel a connection to the spiritual world. The mystical appearance almost looks like a miniature gateway to another, non-material realm. It’s no surprise that this variety naturally attracts so many people. It’s a constant reminder of our place in the world, as well as the other worlds that we will one day visit.

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Depending on the angle of the light, it is said that the angel aura crystal will reflect the light in such a way that it resembles an angel’s wings. Hence, where the ‘angel’ aspect of the name comes from.

The ‘aura’ part is something that will be easier to explain when looking at the properties, but the ‘quartz’ part is more straightforward. Quartz is a version of the Germanic word, ‘quarz’, which in turn comes from the Polish word, ‘kwardy’, which means “hard”.

The Ancient Greeks referred to this in a different way. In their language, the stone was named ‘krustallos’. The word translates roughly as meaning ‘icy cold’ due to the belief that the crystal was forged within supercooled ice or was in fact ice itself.

Angel Aura Quartz Properties

As we begin to look at the angel aura quartz properties, we can see that there are two main uses for this type of crystal:

  • Cleansing your Aura;
  • Choosing the correct path to follow.

You can see now where the ‘aura’ part of the crystal’s name comes from.

You’re probably wondering how the angel aura crystal works in relation to cleansing your aura. In a moment, we’ll look at a specific technique you can use, but let’s discuss why the crystal has this effect. It largely stems from the calming effects that it has on our spirit and mind.

When we wear the crystal, hold it, or meditate with it, we slip into a place of peace, tranquility, and serenity. Your spirit is able to naturally rise to a higher vibrational space, which in turn helps to release negative energy.

As your worries, stresses, and fears fade away, your thoughts will only be able to head in a positive direction. Positive thoughts lead to positive moods and behaviors, which in turn creates positive energy. This means that whatever damage your aura has taken can now be repaired.

The other property this angel aura quartz holds relates to your spiritual journey. On any given day, we can make an impossible number of decisions that lead us down a different path. Sometimes the path only varies slightly, sometimes it’s in a completely different direction. An angel aura crystal can help you to stick to your true path, but how?

Following your Heart

When it comes to following your spiritual path, there is one person you can always rely on yourself. Your angels are always there, obviously, but in terms of humans, there’s really no better judge of your true course than you.

The problem that we often have is being able to trust ourselves. So many things can influence any decision. It would be impossible to list them all, but just think about how many different decisions you might have made if your mood had been different or somebody else had presented the choice to you or the weather had been better on the day you were asked.

When it comes down to the core of making a choice, you need to listen to your intuition. Humans have a gut instinct, just like other animals, but ours is in touch with the spiritual realm in a way that nobody truly understands. Learning to focus on the pure message that your gut it relaying to you is important to follow your true path in order to reach your destiny.

Simply wearing an angel aura crystal can be enough to provide you with a little confidence in yourself, but if you want a little more than that, you can meditate with the crystal nearby. Unlike usual meditations, allow your mind to wander a bit. If it does somewhere seemingly irrelevant, bring it back and try again. Give each thought a chance and you may be surprised as to where it leads you.

Cleansing and Healing your Aura

We’re going to end by taking a look at the simplest form of aura healing meditation. There are two key aspects of the process. Firstly, you want to have an angel aura crystal nearby. It can be in your hand, on the floor, or on your person in the form of jewelry. The second step is visualization.

What is an aura? It’s a spiritual shield that surrounds all living things, and even though it’s usually invisible, we can learn to see it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself inside a ball of energy. Don’t see the aura yet, just feel it. Feel negative energy from outside being slowly deflected away from you. Now begin to visualize this shield fluttering into vision.

Now, see this shield growing stronger. As it grows brighter, it should appear more solid, until it reaches a stage where you’re incapable of seeing through it. Channel the energy from the crystal and feel it being absorbed by the aura.

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