Energy Vampires – Learn how to avoid their negativity!

energy vampires

Have you ever met someone who drains your energy as if being with them just makes you feel so tired and lazy, possibly even feel nauseated and sick? Or maybe someone who takes away your happiness? People who do that are known as energy vampires – and they do exist!

Who are Energy Vampires?

Some people are known to be energetically sensitive. Thus, for these kinds of people are likely to be fed by energy vampires. They drain the energy within your physical body making you feel tired and less happy. They feed on your internal energy which acts like food for them.

Every individual has energy cords within himself or herself. These cords can get attached to another person, and that person has full access to utilize your energy whenever he or she wants to; regardless of who you are or where you are.

Everyone experiences a point in life when even conversing with some people makes you feel sick, lonely, unloved, stupid, or even fearful. A person who makes you feel that way is called an energy vampire. They are known to only “Take” from you rather than giving anything.

Types of Energy Suckers

  1. The Narcissist Vampire

This kind of energy sucker will show no form of empathy towards others. He will make you believe in the “ME first, then YOU”, theory. For example, a person in your friend’s circle who always craves for attention or who makes you feel as if you are never first is the kind of narcissist vampire. It is better to keep yourself isolated from such people and protect yourself.

  1. The Dominator Vampire

These kinds of energy suckers like to feel dominated and in power. They have inner security issues of being weak or even wrong (possibly even hurt) thus, they intimidate you. Often these kinds of energy suckers are racist, sexist, or even bigoted.

  1. The Judgmental Vampire

Due to their low self-worth, this energy vampire picks on others. These kinds of energy suckers will make you feel pathetic and ashamed of yourself. It is just the way they fell. Thus, they want you to feel the same way.

  1. The Innocent Vampire

These kinds of people may be the genuine type that requires your help such as your friends or even family. Thus, helping them is a good thing to do, however, you should focus on working with them to make them self-sufficient rather than making them rely on you every time.

Ways to Cope With Energy Vampires

Certain steps can be taken to cope with such energy suckers.

  1. Relax and breathe deeply. When you feel as if someone is sucking the positive energy out of you, just close your eyes for a while and breather slowly by letting go of all the thoughts in your mind. Slowly, you will start to feel at peace as if you are recharging and your energy is getting back.
  2. Visualize a protective light around you. When you imagine light surrounding you, it acts as a barrier to any negative thing that tries to get hold of you. Thus, it is a very effective way not to let energy vampire suck your energy.
  3. Do not forget that you always have the option of walking away from people who do not make you feel good. You can always just leave them in the middle of somewhere just because you have had enough energy being drained out of your system by them. Also, the Angels are always there to help you out.


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