Exploring the Meaning and Properties of Nuummite!


The Nuummite crystal is one of many healing stones with incredible power and energy. Crystals harness the power from a variety of energy sources and as such can be used in a number of different ways.

In this article, we are going to explore the nuummite stone meaning and how it ties in with the nuummite metaphysical meaning. 

We’ll also take a look at some of the more practical uses of nuummite as well as taking a look at some tips for taking care of this particular stone. Let’s start off by exploring the origins of nuummite.

Exploring the Origins of Nuummite

Nuummite is sometimes referred to as ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’ and no, it isn’t quite the same as the one from the Harry Potter movies. However, Nuummite does get this nickname based purely on how powerful it is.

So why is it special in comparison to other crystals? Well, Nuummite was first discovered in Greenland in 1810. It was found within an area called Nuuk which is where the name of the crystal stems from.

You’re correct in thinking that the discovery of this stone is pretty late. We often hear of other crystals having been used by Ancient civilizations and yet Nuummite was discovered fairly recently.

Another reason that it stands out is due to its rarity. You can only find it in Greenland which is one of the reasons that dealers of such precious gems are always on the lookout for new stock.

There is also the fact that the stone is considered iridescent which means that the color changes depending on the angle that the light hits it , while other sources of this crystal have been discovered, such as in Canada and Spain.

Nany people believe that this is actually a different type of crystal that just happens to look similar to Nuummite while possessing none of its unique abilities.

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Further Exploration of the Origins

Of course, none of that explains the source of the power of this crystal. To fully appreciate the nature of this crystal, we have to travel back to around 3 billion years ago when Nuummite was first beginning to be formed.

When you take into consideration that the Earth is only about 4.5 billion years old (with lower estimates putting it at 3.9 billion years old) you can begin to see just how ancient this stone is. At this point in time, the Earth was just beginning to cool down after millions of years of being uninhabitable and consisting mostly of volcanoes, spewing out lava.

Nuummite is the result of two separate minerals metamorphosing due to the intense heat and pressure. These two minerals were Anthophyllite and Gedrite. The result of this process was a stone that is charcoal-grey in color with splashes of gold.

However, Nuummite is also labradorescent which means that its colors can change depending on the light. Hopefully, you’re beginning to see why this stone is held in such high esteem. Of course, discussing its origins is useless if we don’t consider its meaning.

The Meaning of Nuummite

So what is the meaning of Nuummite? Since its discovery, other than acquiring the nickname ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’, it has been highly regarded as a connection to the Earth. Not just earth as in mud but every element and energy that is naturally created by our planet.

That means that storms, rivers, fires, lightning strikes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and any other power that forms naturally on Earth is connected to this crystal.

You’ve probably heard of or even tried charging other crystals within the Earth so imagine a crystal that has been charging in the Earth for billions of years.

Of course, there is also symbolism surrounding Nuummite. Its deep energy and deep connection to the Earth are part of its effect on those who use it. When harnessed, the power of this crystal can allow us to see deeper within ourselves than we could naturally see.

When used wisely, this opens up a number of spiritual doors and can lead to enlightening experiences. When used poorly, it can cause people to doubt themselves, their ability, and their role upon this Earth.

There are a number of ways one can use this stone so let’s touch upon a few of them.

Nuummite Crystal Ball

When carved into a crystal ball shape, this stone resembles something from Lord of the Rings. Many people feel static across their skin just by looking at Nuummite.

There is something about it that’s so alluring but also incredibly intense. Some describe the sensation as feeling like the stone is actually staring back at you, and the longer you look, the deeper into your soul it peers.

Of course, this powerful energy makes the stone perfect for using as a crystal ball, just not for visions of the future. You can use it as an ornament which will maintain clean and positive energy throughout the room and even your entire house.

However, the Nuummite can be used much more productively. It may not serve as a traditional crystal ball, given its dark and clouded nature, but it works tremendously well for carrying out a séance. Its connection to the Earth allows for deeper communication with certain spirits.

For example, spirits that are trapped between the physical and spiritual world can be contacted very easily with the help of Nuummite.

People will often help guide these lost souls through to the next stage of their journey. Due to the high energy content of this stone, it even works well for reaching out to dead relatives and loved ones.

Nuummite Chakra Cleansing

Meditating with any crystal offers a certain number of benefits. However, we once again find that Nuummite is incredibly well suited to this task.

This stone is naturally rooted in the Earth and when we combine that with its high natural energy levels, we find that it is perfect for cleansing chakras.

Other crystals will typically work to cleanse one chakra in particular which is partly true for Nuummite. As you may have already guessed, Nuummite is connected to the Root Chakra, which is the chakra at the lowest point of your body.

Due to the naturally high energy levels, the cleansing power of the stone starts at the root chakra but manages to work its way all the way up to the crown chakra, clearing each stop as it goes.

So while you may choose to use this stone if your Root Chakra is the one that is blocked, you don’t have to worry about attending to the rest of your chakras with separate stones or crystals.

Nuumite is sort of like a 7 in 1 cleanser. So what is the best method for harnessing this energy?

Nuummite Meditation Technique

You can use any meditation technique in order to access the power of this stone but there are some better approaches. One of the key elements you want to include is visualization.

With Nuummite, you want to guide the energy with your mind in order to use it in the most effective way possible. As such, you would ideally meditate out in nature or even in a garden. At the very least you want to be outside.

Carrying out this meditation in a house or in the heart of a city will hinder its effects. Simply use any meditation technique you like in order to enter into a meditative state.

Once there, you want to visualize the core of the Earth: think of the heat, think of the pressure, think of the molten rock swirling around and around, then picture the raw, natural energy from the core rising up slowly to the surface, passing through the many layers before finally breaking through the surface.

Don’t visualize the energy going into you but rather see it make contact with the stone, which you should be held in one or both your hands. Once the energy begins to flow into the rock, visualize it beginning to glow.

Not a colorful glow or even a bright glow but a dark glow. Almost as if the light is struggling to escape the crystal.

Allow your mind to focus on whichever color naturally begin to form: to could be red, it could be blue, it may even be gold, but just imagine the color as being a dark form of itself, almost black.

You then want to visualize the energy entering through your hands, flowing straight down your body to your Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine. From there, picture the energy flowing up through each chakra.

Charging the Nuummite

We’ve explored the Nuummite meaning, its origins, and it’s various uses…but what about charging the crystal after using it? Given the powerful nature of the crystal, it is highly unlikely that you would ever need to charge it.

That is one of the many amazing things about Nuummite. However, if you feel like you do need to charge it then simply place it in a box and bury it in the ground.

Ideally, you want to leave it in there for a week but if you’re pushed for time, you’ll find that 24 hours is enough to partially charge it.

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