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Seeing Shadows – What Are They and What Should I Do?

Seeing Shadows

We’ve all seen shadows. I’m sure if you were to look around the room you’re in now, you’ll be able to see many shadows, perhaps in every direction. These aren’t the same as the spiritual shadows we’ll be taking a look at within this article. Seeing shadows are a type of spiritual presence and it’s possible you’ve seen them before.

The problem is that this sort of spirit is fleeting, so you’ll perhaps see it out of the corner of your eye but the moment you focus your attention on it…it’s gone. What does it mean,  Seeing Shadows? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring.

What are Shadow Spirits?

Shadows or shadow spirits create a lot of confusion. The fact that they don’t linger and almost always vanish as soon as we become aware of them makes it incredibly difficult to learn anything about them.

Anyone seeing shadows in corner of the eye tends to chalk it up to simply being tricks of the mind. In some cases, that’s all it is (we’ll take a deeper look at the reasoning for this later on). Shadows can represent a deeper meaning than you might imagine! When we think of shadows, we often view them as symbolizing a lack of light.

Shadows aren’t something to be afraid of, but they can suggest that a spiritual being is attached to you, possibly following you. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean anything bad. If you want to better understand the meaning of shadows, contact your Guardian Angel.

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What does it mean when you see a shadow in your eye?

Seeing black shadows out of the corner of the eye is essentially the same as catching a glimpse of a ghost, an angel, or Archangels. The forms of these shadows can vary somewhat dramatically. The most common form is simply a black, humanoid figure.

You may even call them people shadows because they so closely resemble the shadows of people. A similar version can have glowing eyes, can appear in misshapen forms, or even resemble a normal shadow but one that moves without any reason to.

One of the tell-tale signs that you’re not simply looking at a normal shadow is that these being can be seen at night when little to no light is available.

What causes a shadow in your vision?

This can all sound a little terrifying and so you’re probably wondering if these spirits mean you any harm. Seeing shadows in peripheral vision (particularly those similar to the above descriptions) can be a little alarming.

You’ll find comfort in knowing that there is no reason to believe that these spirits are here to cause harm to anyone. In fact, it is believed that they simply want to come and go without bothering anyone.

They aren’t trying to scare you, they aren’t trying to intimidate you, and in most cases, they aren’t even trying to communicate you. It’s possible that they remain in your peripheral vision entirely to avoid direct interaction.

Seeing shadows

So why are you seeing shadows in the first place? Seeing shadows typically means one of two things: the spirit has a connection to you and so it’s the spirit of someone you know who has passed away. This means that wherever you go, the shadow spirit is likely to follow.

Alternatively, seeing shadows could mean that the spirit has latched onto a location, perhaps your flat or place of work. Seeing dark shadows out of the corner of your eye can be alarming but in most cases, they are simply lost or traveling spirits.

Don’t worry though, there are ways to help the spirit move on.

What to do if you’ve seen a shadow

Seeing shadows of a more personal nature may sound a little scary. None of us are likely to feel thrilled at the thought of a shadowy entity following us around wherever we go. It’s important to realize that most spirits that have passed on follow us one way or another.

If you feel the presence of a loved one, it doesn’t fill you with alarm but rather with comfort. Shadow spirits don’t choose to appear in this form and so you have to become aware that they aren’t really any different to any other spirit other than their physical form.

If you have an idea of who the spirit may belong to (perhaps a friend, relative, or partner) then you can reach out to their spirit and try to help them move on.

Try to form a spiritual connection and then tell them that you’ve noticed their spirit and if they find a way to communicate you will do all you can to help them move on. For example:

Jerry, I still see your shadows in my room. While I find comfort in knowing you are still with me I wish to do all that I can to help you move on.

Please send me a sign of how I can do that.

Locational Attachment

Spirits are just as likely to latch onto a location as they are to a person. Some spirits simply don’t want to move on due to their fear of what lies beyond, others get lost and end up at the place most familiar to them.

So if you’re seeing shadows in your home then it’s possible that a previous occupant became lost after death and wound up returning to the building.

You can approach them in a similar manner as before and simply reach out to them. Sometimes a spirit just needs a little motivation and a little comfort to be able to move on.

For example: “Spirit, I don’t know who you are but I know that you are lost and/or scared. I reach out to you now to tell you that there’s no reason to be. Journey onwards and find peace for yourself.”

What Else Could They Be?

Obviously seeing shadows could be something else entirely. While most spiritual circles will agree that they are simply lost spirits.

However, other theories include simply being tricks of the mind. Many people experience these phenomena when their brain is somewhere between being awake and asleep.

Could they be multi-dimensional beings, perhaps even future versions of humans who have mastered sending their consciousness through time?

Others believe that these shadows are rare glimpses of an astral projected consciousness. You can decide for yourself what you believe them to be but find comfort in knowing that they appear to be harmless.

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