Light Shield – How to invoke a Light Shield and how they work

light shield

Light shields can be an incredibly useful aspect of your spiritual repertoire. If you’re not sure what they are then don’t worry, this article will explore the idea. A light shield (also known as an angel shield) is essentially a spiritual shield that uses the power of white light.

We will explore the white light of protection and how you can carry out a white light protection prayer. We’ll also look at some of the other shield colors available such as pink shields.

Light Shield

The concept of protection through white light by invoking an angel shield is more straightforward than you may think.

You see, usually, when we go around our day-to-day lives, our only line of protection against any negative energy is ourselves. Some call this an aura, others view it simply as our own spirit’s energy.

They are essentially the same. So you can probably imagine the role a spiritual shield plays: it acts as a line of defense against any negativity that you may come across, even if you are completely unaware of its presence.

White light protection and the white light spiritual meaning are specific forms of this, which we will look at now.

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White Light of Protection

You may not be aware of this but different colors have different vibrational energy speeds. By using a certain color of light shield, you are adopting a shield to have a certain purpose.  A white light shield is sort of the size fits of the spiritual shield.

White light is incredibly powerful and by reaching out to invoke a shield of this color, you are not only going to feel an influx of positive emotions (due to negative energy automatically being stopped) but you’re also receiving constant protection from your angels who stay with you for the duration of your shields presence.

Of course, your angels are always watching you and protecting you but this brings them down to a more personal level whereby they can actively protect you from smaller things.

This could be as simple as negative energy but it could also be protecting you from your own negative thoughts or the negativity of others.

White Light Protection Prayer

You will of course be wondering how exactly you can receive such a shield. There isn’t a prayer in the sense of certain words that have to be spoken a certain way.

Calling upon a light shield is all about intention. You can say something as simple as “Angels, I ask for your protection via a white shield of light”.

The color can of course be changed to suit your needs but you only need a basic phrase such as this one. The important aspect lies within you.

You have to know in mind, body, and spirit why you need this shield and why it’s important that you receive it. You should have this in your mind as you say or think these words.

It helps to visualize yourself either holding the shield or being surrounded by the color of light you require.


Of course, there are various colors of a light shield with white being the go-to option. If you need something more specific then you can always request a different color.

For example, pink shields focus on love. While still being a protector from negative energies, a pink shield only allows love energy to cross its protective layer. A blue light shield will act as a calmer.

They cool your energy down without reducing its speed so that you can focus more and stay in control of your emotions.

Most colors have a special trait for protecting you. If in doubt, you can always reach out to your angel with shield questions.

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