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Prayer to discover Fortune

prayer to discover fortune

The Definition  for Prayer for Good Luck

The prayer for good luck is a prosperity prayer to our creator. The prayer for good luck means that you ask God to help you achieve success and good fortune. God wants us to live in good luck. Use this prayer every day and remember thoughts and spoken words are full of energy.

Do not seek to choose the direction in which to go because, even if you pretty clearly know which game or numbers to play, you may not be going in the right direction – far from it. Only Guardian Angels know. Heed my advice for Fortune and good luck to smile upon you and profit from the benefits that the prayer to discover fortune will bring upon you.

Prayer to Discover Fortune

These few words addressed to the Guardian Angels will guide you on the path to wealth. Make them yours and let happiness in.



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Prayer to attract good luck at games

Say this Prayer for good luck at night on the eve of the day when you decide to play:

Please, Guardian Angels,
Make my wishes come true!
Show me the most
propitious game;
Unveil to me the numbers
that will be able to bring me Fortune
May it be so!


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