Exploring the Meaning and Metaphysical Properties of Moldavite


When we look at most crystals and stones found throughout the world, they all have truly fascinating stories: both in terms of their creation and their many uses. The Moldavite (sometimes spelled Moldavite) is no exception and you may even find that you consider its origin story to be the most interesting of all the stones and gems. In this article, we will cover just that, before going on to look at the Moldavite spiritual properties as well as some of the Moldavite experiences that people have had while using the gem. So let’s start at the very beginning.

What is a moldavite gemstone?

You only need to take one look at this stone to see why it has always been viewed as such a mystical and powerful conduit of spiritual energy. This is only intensified when we actually explore where it came from.

The Moldavite belongs to a particular stone group known as Tektites which are believed to have formed during meteorite or even asteroid collisions with Earth. The intense heat caused during such an impact literally melts such stones and often causes them to be ejected out from the crash site, spanning a vast area.

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Where to find moldavite gemstone?

Moldavite gems are found in only one part of the world due to being the product of a specific meteorite impact: The Czech Republic, near a river known as the Moldau River. The shape of these gems is evidence of their creation as they appear in the shape of water droplets.

It’s largely agreed among scientists who have studied this rock that it arrived on Earth around 14.8 million years ago, during what is now known as the Miocene Epoch. It was during this time that the Ape species’ were beginning to diversify and by the end of this time period, our distant ancestor species had separated from the ancestors of the Chimpanzee.

What is Moldavite good for?

Like other gemstones, the Moldavite properties have been acknowledged throughout history. From as far back as the stone age, it has been used to decorate sacred ornaments. It was also mined and used as weapons, particularly arrowheads.

This was due partly to the strength of the material but also due to the belief that the stone would bring luck to the hunters who used it. It’s no coincidence that the oldest discovered Goddess statue named the Venus of Willendorf was made up entirely of this material.

What is a Moldavite crystal used for?

The stone even has early Christian connections as it is often referred to as the ‘Holy Grail Stone’. Early Christians, particularly within the area of the modern-day Czech Republic, believed that this stone wasn’t a meteorite but was actually a jewel from the crown of Lucifer himself.

It fell to the Earth when God cast out Lucifer from Heaven. It’s no surprise then that the stone found its way into many forms of jewelry and clothing. Of course, this doesn’t address the Moldavite metaphysical properties so let’s move away from the stories and onto the practical uses.

Thus was “born” Lithomancy, the practice of performing divination by reading stones.

Moldavite Spiritual Properties

Moldavite is a unique stone and not just because it fell from the sky from who knows where. Many people have had Moldavite experiences that have altered their life path or perhaps more accurately, have redirected them back to their original path.

Moldavite carries all the usual stone properties: it can cleanse energy, it helps with the flow of Chakra energy, and it can help protect us from negative energy. However, Moldavite also connects us to the universe and the Earth in a way that other stones simply do not. Many feel a sense of awe when they come into contact with this stone.

However, that is only the beginning of what Moldavite can offer people. You see, as this stone has such a mysterious origin (given that it could have come from literally anywhere beyond the Earth, maybe even another solar system or galaxy) its powers aren’t fully understood.

Does moldavite protect you?

So it is interesting that many who clutch the stone in their hand and enter into a meditative state will encounter vivid visions or epiphanies related_posts to their life. Some people will realize that they need to give up a certain habit while others will catch a glimpse of what lies at the end of the path they are walking down.

Activating the Power of Moldavite

If you find yourself in possession of a Moldavite stone and wish to try to activate its power, there is a simple step by step process that you can follow. The first step that is of the utmost importance is to clutch the stone in your left hand as opposed to your right.

You can then begin your meditation in the same manner that you usually would. Typically, it is best not to force any thoughts at this point. Try to forget that you’re clutching the stone in your hand and instead enter into your meditative state just as you always would.

The experience will vary from person to person. You might see nothing, you might see everything. All you can do is make a note of your experience, try to interpret it, and if all else fails: try again at a later date.

Just remember to keep your expectations under control. Don’t expect to see a clear vision of your life in 5 years or to have a discussion with a spiritual figure about your destiny. It’s likely to be less clear than that.

Using Moldavite

There are other ways you can use Moldavite, beyond its immediate function. Moldavite has a dark green color that makes it look mysterious but also alluring. Many people will turn it into jewelry so that they can use the stone’s natural energy.

Others will find places within their home to store it in order to provide a form of spiritual protection. Unlike many other stones of this type, you shouldn’t recharge Moldavite with sunlight. Instead, you should leave it outside at night, ideally during a new moon.

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