Short Prayers – How to carry out them, including those for Healing

short prayers

If you have a busy lifestyle, you may occasionally struggle to fit in any long prayers. You’ll be happy to hear that you don’t always have to. The length of prayer doesn’t alter its impact or message. Sometimes short prayers are just easier in that they can be concise and save you some time.

In this article, we will explore some examples of shorter prayers such as a short prayer for healing, short daily prayers, and other meaningful prayers that you may need. We’ll also explore how you can construct your own short prayers. 

Original Prayers

When thinking about a short prayer, it can be very easy to simply head on over to Google and see what the vastness of the Internet has to offer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You’ll find a near-endless number of short prayers that may be better worded or more to the point than anything you feel you could come up with. In truth, the message itself isn’t as important as you may think.

Your angels are always watching over you. They know what goes on in your life and know what help you may need even before you pray to them. By constructing your own short prayers you show them that you’re making the effort.

Another benefit is that a short prayer from the heart and soul will always trump one you’ve copied with from someone else.

Prayer is a unique and personal form of communication so by speaking straight from the soul, you send a much more powerful message. Better to use original and meaningful prayers.

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Short daily prayers

You may be wondering what a short daily prayer is. Well, it’s quite simply a prayer that you may say before going to bed each night or perhaps as you wake up in the morning.

The benefit of it being short is that it’s easy to remember and you don’t have to take a huge chunk out of your day to fit it in. You could even use it as an opportunity to carry out short prayers for healing if that was the sort of prayer you were intending to do.

We’ll take a quick look at some examples of short daily prayers that you may want to use:

Dear Angels, please help me to remember that

any challenge I face today is one that will leave

me feeling stronger for having overcome it. Amen!

Short prayers for healing

Of course, you may have more specific prayers in mind. A short prayer for healing is a useful one to have at your disposal. You never know when you may wake up feeling emotionally damaged or perhaps have a loved one fall ill or become injured. A short prayer is a good comfort for you and anybody else.

It also means that you can contact your angels even when you’re perhaps not in your best headspace. Here’s an example of one:

Dear Angels, I understand that you know what troubles I am facing.

I ask that you give me strength and provide me with guidance

on how I can best heal from these wounds. Amen!

Constructing your own prayer

Of course, as was mentioned earlier, you will often want to come up with your own short prayers. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be Shakespeare to construct an effective prayer: Even a short one.

Simply grab a pen and paper and note down some of the specifics of your prayer. For example:

  • What struggle are you facing?
  • How can you be helped through it?

Whatever you come up with, simply add a little heart and you’ve done it! Now you’re ready with a shorter prayer to use whenever you may need it.

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