Unveiling the mystery of seeing angels – How to see Angels?

seeing angels

The concept of seeing angels sounds alien to us. Surprisingly, you can learn how to see angels. Remember that God has created man and took responsibility for everything. He guides us when we are lost through his guardian angels.

Every one of us is assigned with guardian angels, and at a point in life, we might have felt their comforting presence. They are with us through the thick and thin. In addition to this, you’ve even heard a divine message giving you protection.

Seeing Angels – Why does it happen?

We might not be familiar with this concept, but it is thought that babies and young children can easily see the angels. They don’t worry whether this sighting is just another figment of their imagination or reality.

They simply see what they see. Internally, we have this desire to connect with the angels, and to see them, in reality, is a cherry on top.

Similarly, the angels also have a wish to connect with us visually that is more than our wish to connect with them.

You cannot expect someone’s help in seeing angels because they help us communicate with them by making their presence known to us.

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Eradicating the common myth about seeing angels

Our ability to perceive certain things has been created unconsciously by the things that we are told from the beginning. Whenever we hear the word angel, we think of a divine entity with wide feathers and distinct, opaque figures who look as solidly as living humans.

However, clairvoyance doesn’t mean seeing angels that way. On a similar note, people expect their visions to be outside of their heads instead of their mind’s eyes. Most prominently, clairvoyance relates to mental pictures you see during daydreaming or having a nocturnal dream.

The reason being the presence of that image in the mind’s eye. This doesn’t make it less real or invalid. Thus, the phenomenon of seeing angels is through the mind’s eye.

How to develop the ability to see angels?

You should not expect to get the pictures of angels through the mail or wait for the angel orbs to appear on your photographs.

In our everyday life, to do small tasks or big jobs with perfection, we have to do a lot of practice. We have to stay focused. The same is the case with seeing angels.

To develop the ability to see angels, you need clear intention and practice. For the people who can master this ability, they can easily see an angel hovering over someone’s shoulder.

The beginning clairvoyants must close their physical eyes and focus on looking through the mind’s eye. That eye will start to get pictures of angels. However, there are people successful in seeing angels in the initial stage of their clairvoyance.

Ways through which people see angels

There are different ways in which people see angels. Some people see angels as colorless or opalescent with shimmering hues radiating.

Others see the physical manifestation of the angels in full-figured beings with brightly colored clothing and hair. There are many ways to have angel visions.

Angel Orbs

Angels occupy several ways to show themselves. One of the common is through their appearance in the photographs as orbs of light. We call these angel orbs.

The best way of seeing angels in orbs is by taking a photograph of a newborn baby or a spiritual person. Ask the angels to appear before taking the picture.


People do interact with their deceased loved ones or angels in their dreams. The visitation includes intense emotions, rich colors, and more than a real feeling.

This experience stays longer with you than the ordinary dream. As compared to other angel visions, dreams offer a realistic contact with the angels.

Angel Lights

Seeing angels in light in the form of sparkles or flashes is a common experience people usually have. This indicates that the angels are nearby.

When the angels move across your field of vision, you can witness the energy sparks. Many people claim to see angels in the form of sparkles and light flashes. They are tricked into believing that they are hallucinating.

They are not. In addition to light, they often appear in colored mists. Seeing a green or purple mist indicates the presence of angels.

Angel Clouds

You get to see images in the clouds quite often. Sometimes, you even notice a cloud in the shape of an angel. It is another way through which angels reveal their presence.

Seeing signs

Seeing signs such as finding a feather, a coin, lights flickering, and noticing visual oddities is equal to seeing angels. These are the ways angels show their presence to us.

On the other hand, your deceased loved ovens make their presence known to us by sending us signs that were related to them in the past or simply be sending butterflies, moths, and birds to you.

In light of all these examples, angel visions can come to you if practice and strengthen your faith.

Angelic Visions

There are very few movies or pictures in the world that can give a true sense of information about you and your personality. In the light of this movie, you feel that something is about to be changed in your life.

This is a sign of the presence of angels because the images are of symbolic importance. We take the example of our common lives. Meeting a health-care work, you cannot resist invariably seeing a nurse’s cap over that person’s head.

This indicates that the angels are connected to us when we want to make this world a better place.

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