How to Read Oracle Cards!

Oracle Cards

You may be new to the concept or oracle cards, but they’ve existed since ancient times and so are certainly nothing new. Throughout human history, we’ve used various objects, rituals, and card-types to focus our spirituality and access divine wisdom and knowledge. Oracle cards serve a similar purpose, allowing us to tap into hidden knowledge in order to guide us to answers. So, what are oracle cards and what are the angel oracle cards meanings? That’s exactly what we’re going to explore, before going on to explain how you can read oracle cards.

What are Oracle Cards?

If you’re familiar with tarot cards, then you’ll be able to understand the concept and function of oracle cards pretty quickly. An oracle deck serves as a way to focus our spiritual energy in order to access divine knowledge. When we use a tarot deck, the cards are often revealing things about ourselves, and an oracle deck works in a similar manner.

Everyone is capable of reading these cards, but there are a few things to consider before you begin. Firstly, you’ll need to get yourself an oracle deck. This is entirely down to personal preference and each oracle deck is likely to be slightly different. Unlike tarot cards, each oracle card is vague and open to interpretation, and so the best way to pick a deck is to find one that appeals to you the most.



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You might choose one based on the images, or perhaps the type of deck. Angel oracle cards meanings are going to be the same as any other deck, but the angelic imagery may help you focus.

The second thing to consider is your spirituality and intuition. Oracle readings require you to be able to trust in your own abilities. With tarot cards, you have a rough estimation of what each card represents, but any oracle card could mean something entirely different to each person.

Reading an Oracle Deck

Now that you understand the basics of these cards, it’s time to explain how you can use them to answer cosmic questions or locate inner-knowledge. You’ll notice a lot of similarities between this approach and a tarot card reading, but it’s important to understand that they do each serve a separate purpose.

It’s also important to remember that you may choose to alter your approach to reading oracle cards as you grow more confident with your reading abilities. We’ll highlight some of the steps that can be changed as we go along, as well as suggest some alternatives that you may wish to try out.

Setting Intentions and Managing Expectations

The last thing you need before starting reading is a distracted mind. It’s unlikely that you’re carrying out this reading without a purpose, and so you should spend some time clearing your thoughts and focusing on your intention. Ask yourself: what do you want to gain from this experience? If everything goes well, what would you like to end the reading having accomplished?

With any spiritual practice, it’s always important to manage expectations. You never know how the information or guidance will present itself, if at all, and so always keep in mind that you may end the reading with fewer answers that you were hoping. Don’t expect the universe to reveal all of its secrets in one go.

What is your Question?

With an oracle reading, you can help focus your intentions by formulating a question. Even if you’re searching for vague information or more general answers, you can always funnel your spiritual energy towards a more concentrated and focused goal through the use of a directed question.

Just to give you some examples: If you’re interested in knowing about the future of your love life, you may want to ask a specific question such as “Will I find love this year?” or “Have I already met the love of my life?” Each of these questions allows for a more direct and straight-forward answer. Similarly, if your intention is to learn about the future of your finances, you may wish to ask a question such as “Will I remain financially secure this year? Or “Am I going to receive a promotion at work?”

Shuffling the Deck

As with tarot cards, shuffling your oracle deck is incredibly important. You need the cards to be completely random so that your conscious mind is unable to influence which cards you select, but there is a higher purpose.

Shuffling cards allows your current energy to be transferred to every card. This creates an energy connection between you, your spirit, and the cards themselves. When you select cards, they may seem completely random to you, but your spirit and the divine connection it holds will have influenced the selection process.

There are a few different shuffling techniques you can use, but the most effective is also the simplest. Lay your cards face down on the table and with two hands, begin shuffling them by pushing the cards around the table. Try to make sure that all the cards are separated as you shuffle them among one another.

Selecting Cards

The number of cards you select will depend entirely on your choice of spread. If you’re a beginner, you may wish to use a simple 3-card spread. Typically, each card will represent a tense: past, present, or future. The benefit of the 3-card spread is that it can represent any trinity e.g. body, mind, and spirit.

Another example of a spread would be the 12-month spread. This would involve selecting 12 cards, with each representing a month of the year. This is an advanced spread and it would be challenging for beginners to interpret such a large message, but once you begin to improve, you may wish to try it out.

Read the Cards

Most oracle decks come with a guidebook which explains the general meanings of the cards. As a beginner, you may find this to be a useful starting point, but don’t rely on it too heavily. The role of oracle cards is to allow your divine connection to flow so that you can access the knowledge and guidance it offers. As we already mentioned, you’re going to have to place some trust in yourself and your intuitive abilities.

When you stare at your chosen cards, what do you see? What symbols appear to you? What memories or thoughts float in your conscious mind? Trust you gut-instinct and take the meaning to be whatever you feel it should be. You can always ask your angels for clarification on any specific meaning.

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