Blue Aura Meaning and main traits

Blue Aura Meaning

Once you’ve learned to see your aura and the auras of others, the first thing you realize is that seeing auras is just the tip of the iceberg. An aura can appear as any number of different colors and each color has a range of shades. Just like in blue, a Blue Aura.

So what do aura colors mean and more specifically, what is the blue aura meaning? That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article. We’ll take a look at the blue aura meaning as well as touching upon the general aura colors meaning as well.

Let’s start by briefly discussing auras.

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Blue Aura meaning

What is an aura and what are the aura color meanings? The answer is actually less complicated than you may imagine. An aura is a form of spiritual protection that surrounds every living thing.

It’s a type of force field that serves to protect us from potentially harmful energies. Without auras, we would be negatively affected by any negative energy we happened to come into contact with on a day-to-day basis.

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Although you may find different meanings of Aura Colors you may also realize that the strength of any person’s aura may be higher or lower than another person’s, they still serve the function. This is largely where the colors come into play.

The color of an aura is influenced by several different factors. In simple terms, the color represents the strength of the aura and can also highlight certain properties that make it more unique or specialized than another color.

From all the Aura Colors, the light blue auras will serve a function better than dark blue auras. It’s also important to recognize that auras can change color at any time.

The color doesn’t stay with us our entire lives and through some simple techniques, you can seek to alter your spiritual energy level and in turn, change your aura’s color.

You can also perform an Aura color quiz, to know better and to answer to: What color is my aura?

What Shade of Blue is Your Aura?

Of course in this article, we’re going to focus on just one color of aura: the blue aura meaning. There are at least 5 main shades of blue and to understand the variance that can occur within just one color of the aura, we’re going to explore every one of them.

These shades include turquoise blue, royal blue, sky blue, muddy blue, and blue indigo. Through exploring these different shades, we’ll also touch upon the importance of lighter and darker colors.

You’re probably all too familiar with the cliché that light colors equal the good and righteous side while darker colors equal the bad or even evil side. While the divide isn’t quite as clear-cut as that, there is a degree of truth to this idea when exploring aura colors and shades.

With the blue aura, shades that are closer to black than white will typically represent a damaged, hurt, or painful spirit. Colors closer to white, on the other hand, represent a purer and more spiritually successful spirit. We’ll touch on this idea more as we explore each shade.


A turquoise shade of blue aura can sometimes seem closer to green than to blue. However, for the shades more on the blue side of things, there are a few things you can expect to find. For starters, when you see turquoise you may be reminded of the sea.

This makes sense as even though the sea can be choppy, violent, and even dangerous, it can also be calming and relaxing. That’s exactly what this shade represents as these individuals can seem calm while suffering through inner turmoil.

Similarly, there will be times when their actions seem chaotic while they are incredibly calm within. Those with this shade of aura are natural healers and will often be drawn into professions that allow them to care for others.

They will display high levels of empathy, compassion, and sensitivity. This shade of blue aura tends to stay with people for a long time as it reflects deeper personality traits than some of the other shades.

If you have this shade, you must find outlets for pent-up emotions. You’re naturally a private person but allowing those negative emotions to build up will lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual harm.

Blue-Indigo Aura

A blue-indigo color appears somewhere on the color spectrum between dark blue and dark purple. Somebody with this color of aura likely possesses a deeply intuitive personality. They likely trust their intuition more often than their mind, and they will demonstrate a strong empathetic ability.

These individuals are likely described by friends and family as being “sensitive” due to how influenced they are by surrounding energies. Somebody with this type of aura personality will often be introverted.

That’s not to say they are shy or quiet, but they can be, often because they’re trying to tune in to the energy around them.

Royal Blue

A royal blue aura is a rather dark shade of blue. It’s not quite as dark as say navy but it’s about as close to the muddy blue aura as you can get while remaining completely blue. However, this color is pure, meaning that it’s actually not reflective of any negative traits despite appearing darker.

This color can suggest your innate connection with psychic gifts and abilities but for many people, these gifts will remain hidden until they journey further (and higher) along with their spiritual path.

You’ve probably noticed that your gut instinct is right more often than it’s wrong. You’re a naturally explorative soul and any new experience is worth trying at least once as far as you’re concerned.

You might not be an adrenaline junkie but that doesn’t mean you shy away from extreme sports or activities. Many people with this shade of blue aura will have skydiving or bungee jumping on their bucket list.

You do experience negative thoughts, there’s no denying that, but they don’t hold you back or cloud your judgment, in the same manner, they would with another person. Just keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy what life has to offer you.

Sky Blue or Light Blue aura

Light Blue aura, a.k.a. sky blue aura,  is one of the lighter shades of blue aura and it ties directly in with what we were discussing earlier about the light and dark shades essentially meaning good or bad. While it isn’t quite as straightforward as that, sky blue does represent a certain type of positive energy that is closely related to most light blue aura people.

You have a deeper, more natural, sense of clarity and you strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. Your moral compass has probably always pointed true north and you don’t let others dictate to you what is right and what is wrong.

You know all too well that people can become corrupted. If you have this shade of blue aura then it’s likely that you’re gifted with communication. People may even describe you as having a silver tongue because you always seem to say the right thing and your foot very rarely end up in your mouth.

So what does blue aura mean concerning the sky blue shade? Well, it means that you would make a great teacher, whether it is of education or spirituality. You don’t chase the leadership position and that’s actually what makes you one of the better leaders.

You don’t chase power but you do enjoy sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others.

Muddy Blue

In essence, a muddy blue aura is the polar opposite of sky blue. The darkness within this shade represents a level of negativity. It’s important to realize that darker shades don’t indicate that a person is evil, bad, or malicious.

It simply reflects negativity which can result from a troubled past, a troubled mind, or even a troubled soul. As such, the muddy blue shade typically indicates someone who carries a lot of fear and anxiety. Such people aren’t necessarily liars but they will hide from the truth out of fear.

They are incapable of taking criticism constructively and their decisions are rarely based on logic. If you or someone you know has this shade of aura, there are a few things you can do to change it.

This darker shade of aura is less effective at shielding you from negative energy which means that inaction could lead to the shade darkening and even becoming black. The simplest step you can take is to embrace truth and honesty.

Don’t feel pressured to please others, speak your mind, and share your doubts. You should also try and focus on the positive aspects of any situation or event rather than the negatives. Look for that silver lining and try to realize that tomorrow is a new day.

What Does a Blue Aura Say About Your Chakras?

If your aura color is dominantly blue, it also corresponds to your most dominant chakra. This means that your blue chakra is so dominant, the more your aura is blue. Each of the 7 main chakras is linked to a different color of the rainbow and a different part of the body, from the red root (lower body) to the violet crown (brain).

So, which chakra is blue, and what does that mean in your aura?  The thyroid or throat chakra, the fifth of the seven chakras, is linked to the thyroid and the color blue. If you have a rich royal blue chakra, you are deeply attuned to your throat chakra and therefore your voice.

The blue chakra, or throat chakra, is strongly linked to sincerity and responsibility, self-expression and ease of communication with others. The more dominant this chakra is, the more likely you are to exhibit these skills and tendencies.

The blue indigo shade of aura can sometimes seem to be more like a shade of purple. The deepness of this color is actually representative of its meaning. Those with this shade rely less on their mind and logic and instead put trust in their spirit and gut instinct.

Their Third Eye Chakra is more powerful than the average person and their intuitive abilities are often mistaken for psychic gifts. These people will search for deeper connections in all aspects of their lives: relationships, friendships, goals, and jobs.

As far as they are concerned, if their actions aren’t working as a cog within a larger plan, then the action isn’t worth doing. However, don’t let that aspect of their personality deceive you. Individuals with blue indigo aura are still deeply sensitive and empathetic.

In many ways, they can harness our emotions better than we can. They can sense purer versions of sadness, happiness, grief, and love. This can cause them to become overwhelmed in crowded and highly charged emotional situations.

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