How to unblock chakras – A Beginner’s Guide to Free-Flowing Spiritual Energy

how to unblock chakras

Learning how to unblock Chakras isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and so we’re going to walk you through the process from start to finish. Blocked Chakras can lead to many problems.

Unfortunately, a blockage can be incredibly subtle, and many people are completely unaware that their spiritual energy isn’t flowing freely. Learning to spot when your Chakras are blocked is just the first step.

You may have a few questions already, such as how do Chakras get blocked? What is a Chakra cleansing? And How do I clear my energy?

What are Chakras?

What is a Chakra? If you think about your physical body, your organs all play a role in providing you with energy.

Your heart pumps oxygen-containing blood cells around your body, your digestive system absorbs energy from food, and your brain monitors and controls the entire operation.

In a way, your Chakras play a similar role in relation to spiritual energy. The difference is that your spiritual energy flows in one direction and passes through each Chakra, which is essentially an energy hub, one at a time in a particular order.

Chakra cleansing is an important aspect of keeping your spiritual energy clear of negativity!

Your Chakras are the energy hubs within your body, and they maintain the flow of spiritual energy through your Root Chakra and up to your Crown Chakra. When one becomes blocked, your spiritual energy system loses functionality.

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How to Unblock Chakras

As you can see, the flow of energy is similar to a river, one where each Chakra represents a dam or gate.

If one becomes too open or too closed, it creates problems further down the stream. Closed Chakras are also referred to as blocked Chakras.

Therefore, learning how to unblock Chakras is the same as learning how to balance the flow of spiritual energy. The Root Chakra is the lowest on the body, but it’s the first Chakra to channel energy from an external source.

The spiritual energy travels through this Chakra and then passes onto the Sacral Chakra, Navel Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, and finally, the Crown Chakra. At this point, the energy leaves your body.

How do Chakras get blocked?

Blocked Chakras can result from a wide range of causes. Learning how to unblock Chakras also involves spotting the potential causes.

When we consider why blockages take place in the first place, we find that negative energy is the primary cause.

Sometimes, we’re unable to let go of negative energy and it builds up and festers within our Chakras.

We absorb energy from places and people, so if you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, it’s likely that this will have some sort of effect on you, especially if you don’t take measures to cleanse this energy.

Energy isn’t solely spiritual, and sometimes our mental or emotional state can lead to the build-up or even creation of negative energy.

When we experience a trauma of any kind it can be difficult to move on. We find ourselves lingering in the past, anchored to the moment that sent your life down a darker path.

When we don’t deal with our problems, emotions, or trauma, we allow this negative energy to linger within us longer than it should.

This can lead to blocked Chakras. Of course, sometimes our Chakras just become blocked without any real cause. Our spiritual system is sort of like a machine.

Every now and again it might run a little slower, need a reboot, or require new parts. Cleansing your Chakras is similar to spiritual maintenance.

How do you open your Chakras?

Learning how to unblock Chakras is simple, but before you can do that, you need to become aware of the fact that they are blocked in the first place.

We looked at some of the causes, but how can you spot such effects within yourself?

Knowing how to unblock Chakras may sound like a purely spiritual endeavor, but your mind, body, and soul are all deeply connected, and so when one enters into a place of negativity, it causes a ripple effect.

We’ll start with the spiritual side effects of blocked Chakras before looking at the physical and mental/emotional.

Spiritual side effects can be more difficult to notice. When your Chakras are blocked, you’ll begin to feel an air of negativity around you, as if you’re surrounded by it.

This is something that will increase as time passes, especially if you don’t take any action. You may also find that your intuition becomes less reliable.

Why understand how to unblock chakras?

You’ll pick up on signs that aren’t there and miss those that are. You’ll slowly become unable to trust your own judgment, even during routine practices such as meditation or self-exploration.

Physical symptoms are more noticeable. You may feel drained of energy, lethargic, and you may notice small aches and pains within your muscles or bones.

Your eyes will feel heavy, regardless of how much sleep you’ve had, and you’ll feel an overwhelming urge to binge junk food.

Your emotional state will also change, as you’ll find that your motivation ceases to exist, you feel waves of anxiety, and your moods might switch from one moment to the next.

What is a Chakra cleansing?

In simple terms, when you’re learning how to unblock Chakras, the most effective method is a Chakra cleansing.

This uses focused spiritual energy like a scrubbing brush, scraping away the negative energy from your Chakras so that they can remain open and the energy can flow freely.

You get a variety of Chakra cleanses. Some involve stones or crystals, others involve symbols, and some involve calling upon angels, spirit guides, or Archangels.

However, there is a simpler approach to cleansing your energy and learning to unblock Chakras that just requires a comfortable and peaceful place.

How do I clear my energy?

Start unblocking Chakras by finding a quiet space. Ideally, you want to feel warm, safe, and comfortable, but you could also choose somewhere out in nature, such as a waterfall, hill, or forest.

The important thing is that you’re able to meditate in peace. Begin by taking some slow, deep breaths, focusing on each one as you breathe in and out.

Begin to visualize the flow of your spiritual energy. See it as a bright light that enters from the Earth via your Root Chakra and leaves again via your Crown Chakra.

Focus on this energy and pay attention to each Chakra. Imagine the white energy is eroding at any negative energy like a wave against the sand.

See the negativity being washed away, lost in the flow of white healing power. Do this for each of your Chakras one by one.

You’ll feel when you’ve been cleansed, but don’t hesitate to spend longer than you need to, as learning to unblock Chakras requires patience.

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