Claircognizance – the instinctive ability of clear awareness


Have you ever met someone new and known immediately and accurately what their weaknesses and strengths are? Or were you able to predict a certain situation that might occur in the future? Or do you get impulsive ideas? If YES then you probably have the rare gift of claircognizance.

What is Claircognizance?

It is also known as clear knowing or clear recognition is the skill to know something, no one will or have ever told them before and it’s neither something that they have read anywhere before, they just know it. It is an internal gut feeling about something which is just known.

They also can answer questions and find themselves backing them up with evidence and details about things they thought they did not know anything about.

Claircognizance is about knowing something to be correct even without backup information or logical reason. The three main instinctive modalities of claircognizance are:

  • Clairaudience: clear-hearing both external and internal;
  • Clairvoyance: clear-seeing like having visions or seeing the symbol;
  • Clairsentience: clear-felling which means having heightened physical senses such as sound, sight, and touch.

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‘Know’ particular things

Claircognizants ‘know’ particular things without even being told. Claircognizance is when the spirit or inner self leads and puts information as a thought in their mind. This can be anything big or small like smaller visions about situations and people around, or it can be a motivating idea.

All claircognizance is categorized by this powerful sense of knowing that drives beyond any logic. It is a way of syncing with your intuition and the spiritual plane to get pure insight that then gets sorted out by the mind. It must not be confused with other psychic senses, and it is not at all the same as critical thinking

If you are a claircognizant, instinctive information reaches you through the mind not via the gut, the heart, or any other organ. It is as if massive amounts of information, understanding, and knowledge can fit into your brain.

And you do not even have to struggle to get to an answer. Or a result and you do not even need to have all the proof for an explanation that is going to work. With the power of claircognizance, everything just clicks and your intuition or subconscious buzzes in, and you are sure it will 100% work.

Claircognizant empathy

Where claircognizance means “clear knowing”, empath means picking up on other people’s energy. A claircognizant is someone who knows things about the future. Claircognizance is information or awareness, and so claircognizants have the mental insight of clear thinking.

If you are a claircognizant empath, you can easily comprehend the true side of any and every situation. Claircognizant empathy can immediately know when anyone is cheating or lying. A person with the gift of claircognizance empathy will similarly know precisely what should be done in any situation. When in crisis, these are the people to be contacted for help.

Signs of Claircognizance

The clear, instinctive feelings or ideas of claircognizance regularly appear at unexpected times or times when you are driving, working, reading, showering, or doing something unconnected to it.

  • You can quite easily identify a fake person from a genuine one even if no one else can, and you can read anybody’s character just by their looks, body language, and behavior.
  • People always seek your help for solutions to their problems that they failed to solve. Your claircognizance powers make their days.
  • You get prompt ideas and have to share them with people around you immediately.
  • You frequently interrupt people with sudden ideas, but you just cannot help it, you get too excited and enthusiastic.
  • You devote a lot of time writing or thinking by yourself, many writers, singers, and authors have claircognizance.
  • You can always find objects that you have misplaced or lost if you focus on your claircognizance skills and others also ask you to find theirs.
  • You have an inborn sense (claircognizance) that conveys to you if anything is not right or if something is not a good idea, even if it may seem fine to others.
  • You just somehow without any logic or evidence know details about the upcoming events that have not even happened yet via the skill of claircognizance.
  • If anyone asks you a question, you easily succeed to derive an answer even if you had no prior knowledge of the question asked. Your claircognizance gift makes you capable of this.
  • When you try something for the first time you can easily imagine or see the procedure from beginning to end with your claircognizance.
  • People possessing claircognizance mostly are left-brain individuals, which means you are organized and logical.
  • You always aim to learn something new that is why you love to read a lot especially non-fiction and reality-based novels.
  • You are on a continuous path of learning and once done learning something specific you will move on to a new course to gain information and knowledge. Your learning is not restricted to books only, you learn from day-to-day situations around you. You trust your claircognizance.
  • Out of nowhere, you feel the desire to travel or go to particular places which always ends up being in your favor and is good for you.
  • You are always facing tiny coincidences, like typing or saying the same word that someone says on the TV or radio.
  • Your mind is rather occupied, continuously processing impressions, things, details, and facts that many people might ignore, to get to your conclusions. You might feel like writing it all down. You mostly never necessarily get exhausted by all the thinking for you, in fact, getting to conclusions is mostly the perfect way to clear your head

How can you develop?

Claircognizance or any instinctive modality will improve the more you use it. It is one of the toughest modalities to develop is as it is not at all easy to practice. If you believe you possess claircognizance, you are most likely mentally smart and incredibly sharp, and quick in your thinking.

Those people who wish to make this ability stronger must be aware and conscious of each time they ‘get facts and calm down and let it come to their mind.

Evolving claircognizance and truly believing in the ability could save you a lot of time that you would spend otherwise, considering out the advantages and disadvantages before you take your subsequent daring step in life.

It is important to pay attention to yourself (soul and body) and listen to what it is requesting in command for you to reach the following level.

Also, focus on any little chances and incidents that you probably are overseeing as these might be signs of initial claircognizant behavior, but you have not realized up on it yet.

If you have confidence that you can be claircognizant, then let your mind go completely blank and just wait and understand what happens. If you acquire an idea that shows up abruptly and unexpectedly, then you may pay attention to it, it could be imperative.

That is why, people with a powerful sense of claircognizance incline to be very smart mentally, decent at understanding intricate or intellectual concepts and they are mostly quite logical too.

Those who fit perfectly into the mold of claircognizant philosophers are those who are likely to be persistent thinkers who are eager to learn all the time and are always collecting information.

If you find all these qualities in yourself, it can be that with just a little practice, you may be able to enhance your claircognizant abilities and enhance this extraordinary capability to know about the future instinctively.

The best thing about developing claircognizance is that you can always develop it if you follow the right steps or ways.

Involve in automatic writing.

Automatic writing is an amazing way to grow your claircognizance skills. You may ask a question that is on your mind and writes it down on paper. Then set the timer for thirty minutes, and being writing. You must make an effort to do this daily.

The solution might come to you in this setting, or it may take a little longer, but the writing exercise will be beneficial for you, and your mind will clear away all the remains to get the genuine insight that is concealed away in the unconscious.

Immediately note down the “I KNOW” moments

Become conscious and aware of when you get visions and intuitions. The expert you become about recognizing these instants, the more you will be able to say what claircognizance feels like.

Have faith in your claircognizance capability

When you experience a flash of clear awareness, take action. Do not wait for several weeks or months, only to later realize or regret that you were correct about something all the time. Reflect on all the whiles that building trust and having faith in your capabilities has been good for you

Exercise confidence and build your self-reliance.

It may get difficult to take action on something that nobody else appears to agree with. So if you find it hard to believe in your skill and ability of claircognizance, work on your self-assurance and assertiveness first.

Try out meditation methods that excite your solar plexus and chakra and physical exercises, such as yoga, pilates, running, or dancing, are also good for this. Find yourself a peaceful and quiet room to do all this.

Learn and read as much as possible

Individuals with clear claircognizance characters enjoy order and logic. They read a lot and learn every time they get a chance.

So their understanding of claircognizance progresses by the huge amounts of facts that their mind has administered. Picking up a new musical instrument, learning a new language, or resolving some amusing mathematical puzzles just for fun is also an amazing way to develop claircognizance.

If you identify the gift of claircognizance within yourself, then have faith in the information and details that you may get, even if you might not have all the pieces of evidence and proofs to prove it nevertheless.

If you look back at a circumstance from weeks before, most of the time you will discover that the facts you received were right. You must keep in mind that it is designed to aid you, not to obstruct you.

Sometimes we merely recognize our claircognizance in observation and perception.

We have all been there where we said, “I knew that was going to happen,” or “I just know I do not want to work with her” or “I knew I had to get out of there” or some variation on that subject. Begin to observe the minor details of your life when you can tell what someone is about to say, or what will be the ending of the movie.

The more you listen to your instincts the more you will observe your claircognizance working and come into action. Trust your intuition and divine association more; so you can depend on this intelligence to make smart and better decisions.

The more you honor your internal knowingness, practice your faith and belief and have faith in what you know without needing any reason, the quicker and clearer your Claircognizance messages ought to be.

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