Who is Archangel Christiel?

Archangel Christiel

Archangel Christiel is a relatively unknown Archangel, and while many people describe her as “new”, the truth is she’s just been beyond our reach and sight.

To understand the angel Christiel, we need to consider why we’re only hearing about her now, the type of energy she brings forth to us, her connection to Christ’s light, and some invocations you can use to reach out to her.

You’re probably familiar with some of the more common Archangels, particularly those mentioned in the Bible such as Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. Sources on the number of Archangels vary drastically as not all Archangels present themselves, and those that don’t present themselves to everyone

Understanding this Archangel

There are a few important details related to Archangel Christiel. For starters, we typically use the “she” and “her” pronouns when referring to Christiel.

Archangels, and in fact all angels, are genderless, but they will often present themselves in a male or female form depending on the type of energy that flows through them.

In the case of Christiel, energy is undoubtedly feminine. Some people consider her to be the female embodiment of Jesus Christ, hence the similarities between the names.

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This brings us to the concept of ‘Christ Light’, but what exactly is it? In the Bible, Jesus repeatedly references a divine light. In John 1:9 we see:

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.

Christ’s light is considered to be an extremely powerful form of divine energy that is both powerful and influential.

It’s such a powerful energy that it can be used to completely alter your vibrational energy levels, heal a variety of aspects of your soul, mind, or body, and connect you to knowledge related to almost any aspect of your spiritual path, soul journey, or life’s purpose.

The Christ light associated with Jesus Christ may hold feminine energies, but it’s predominately masculine. When it comes to Archangel Christiel, however, she possesses her own, feminine, Christ light that can be invoked by those who require its power.

We’ll look at some invocations momentarily. The function of Christ’s light, concerning this Archangel, is ultimately to expand consciousness.

By increasing the range of our awareness to reach across multiple dimensions, we can experience a whole new range of spiritual inputs and communications that may have been out of reach to us previously.

Is She a New Archangel?

There are several Archangels mentioned across all the Abrahamic texts. Many more have come forward to humanity since the creation of these texts, such as Archangel Uriel or Archangel Metatron. So, why is it that so few people have heard of Archangel Christiel?

Archangels carry out a divine purpose that is often well beyond the understanding of humanity. Our reach to other realms, even the spiritual realm, is limited. As such, we can only learn about Archangels whenever they choose to present themselves to us.

Through recent interactions with Archangel Christiel, we know that she has been carrying out tasks beyond the physical realm, and her primary interactions have been with higher spiritual beings, those that are closer to God than humanity. So, why has she come to Earth now?

Archangel Christiel – Mission on Earth

Here on Earth, many of us are beginning to understand the nature of reality and our place in it. Spirituality is spreading around the globe as more and more of us are accepting the journey that we’re all on together.

Yet many have not yet seen the light, just as many were lost before the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago.

Archangel Christiel has been sent to Earth with the gift of Christ’s light to ignite our faith and direct our energies. Of course, the problem facing Christiel is that only those who reach out to her can experience the powerful energy she possesses.

So, it falls on those of us who can reach out to her to do so, and then share our experiences with others in the hope that they too reach out to her.

Many Archangels serve a specific purpose in keeping balance and order within God’s universe, as is the case with Christiel. She reaches out to those who are ready for her presence and aids them in finding peace.

Her goal may be global peace, which isn’t for us to know or understand, but world peace starts with individual peace, and we can only achieve that by fully understanding ourselves.

Christiel can aid us in discovering unique insight into our own souls: the journey it’s been on, its current level, and even the destination.

Invoking Archangel Christiel

Reaching out to Christiel is incredibly simple, but she’ll only appear to you when you’re at a point in your life where she believes that you’re ready. In cases where she remains hidden, you can reach out to her and ask for a sign.

She can then guide you along the necessary path to achieving a level of spirituality that is more appropriate for receiving the divine Christ light energy.

Here is an example of an invocation that you may choose to use for Christiel:

Archangel Christiel, I call upon your divine energy and feminine Christ light in order to heal my spirit of negative energy.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to achieve a specific spiritual goal, you may choose an invocation more similar to this:

Archangel Christiel, feminine energy of Christ, my vibrational energy level is limiting my ability to reach out to the angels from whom I seek advice.

I call upon your powerful energy so that I may communicate more effectively!

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