Lightworkers – How to find out if you’re one


A few people feel like they are not like general people. They are bemused by the world and think about what is the point of their existence. They continuously feel that they should be doing something with their life and giving something to the world, but they just cannot figure it out. These are the Lightworkers.

What are Lightworkers?

These are also identified as Crystal children or Star seeds are those who came with a positive mission to the earth to change its energy. Lightworkers defeat destructive energies, spread light, and love everywhere on earth.

The life of a Lightworker is not a stress-free destiny. This world does not accept this energy yet, Lightworker’s time and again feel misinterpreted and lonely.

A Lightworker’s passion and spirit are awake, aware, and conscious that their existence matters and that they are a fragment of something greater and superior to them.

They are the glow importers; they grasp the light energy of the earth in balance and have come to this planet only to help move it into a greater level of awareness.

Lightworkers are very powerful, and they have an inborn quality to heal and make others feel comfortable and safe.

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Moreover, they are not only hippies or swirling dervish and Sufis; they are professors and sweepers, artists and writers, producers and mothers. They can be anyone who ho dedicates their life to bring light to this world.

Two Types of Lightworkers

Most of Lightworkers fall into two categories: “Retro” and “Newly Awakened ”


“Retro Lightworkers” have been sharing light in the world for lifetimes and as an outcome may discover that they have large fear about stepping forward possibly because of a memory of harassment.

They have constantly had a knowing that they were here for a purpose, that they had work to do before time runs out.

Establishing a spiritual revelation from a young age is normal for this particular type of Lightworkers and showing to the world that they are is a torturous procedure for them.

Newly Awakened

“Newly Awakened Lightworkers” most likely have a momentous spiritual awakening experience prompted on by an incident. Once stirred it is nearly impossible to go back and then there is a sensation that things will never be the same.

Their awareness and realization have shifted, and they may choose to respond to the call to be of service. Newly awakened Lightworkers appear to be talented enough to immediately make immense life changes in response to replying to the newly awakened cry contained by them.

Signs that you might be a Lightworker

For those who do not know what their real purpose on Earth is and are confused about what to do, the chances are that you are a Lightworker. Here are the signs:

  • You feel called to support, help, heal and guide those in need;
  • You do not feel like you belong to a particular society;
  • You are a hunter and a seeker of spirituality;
  • You might even be physically a little different than others, e.g., different colors of eyes, unique birthmarks, weak vision, distinctive facial features, chronic diseases, or hearing disability;
  • You are empathetic to energies;
  • You have gifts of psychic abilities and mediumship and an extremely highly developed sense of touch and taste;
  • You feel an attraction to the therapeutic arts and have discovered numerous healing possibilities;
  • You feel strongly about ecology and animals rights;
  • You went through a powerful ‘spiritual awakening’ ;
  • You have self-awareness and are also conscious of your fears and fears of others;
  • You are a peoples person and love having company, but you similarly feel the need to be alone to connect with yourself;
  • Your angels try to communicate with you by continuously showing you the number 911 which indicates positivity and change;
  • You have an awareness of the power that your thoughts have and your capability to demonstrate;
  • Your instinct always guides you. You know when to express and when to zip it simply;
  • You are fully and strictly committed to self-growth;
  • You know how to deal with a tough situation and remain positive NO MATTER WHAT;
  • You believe in miracles and things your common eye cannot see.

Helping the world

Lightworkers are truly here to assist, help and heal this world that is surrounded by darkness and negativity by curing those who dwell in it.

If you diagnose yourself or anyone around you as a Lightworker, kindly indulge them with admiration and respect and also help them to cherish and use their gifts because, without them, this world would be a lot darker and shadier with no positive energies.


Lightworkers’ main characteristic is healing. They without any doubt are healers; nevertheless the method of healing they select or prefer completely depends on them.

They are open to the energies everywhere they travel. They are in harmony with other people’s feelings, attitudes, and moods and to environmental issues such as pollution, chemical, and noise.

Lightworkers are aware of the presence and occurrence of angels. They are also sensitive to other people’s points of view and sentiment, therefore, they are extremely good listeners.

This compassion is both a blessing and a lifesaving constitution. Any person who decides to dedicate his or her life to existing as a bright light on this planet earth is a Lightworker.

There are no stuck-up and strange psychic and spiritual exams to pass, projects to hand in, or licenses being handed out for being a Lightworker.

The only condition is a longing to join with your faithful and genuine light and a desire to help this world. We call this; OPERATING YOUR LIGHT.

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