How to attract Abundance thanks to Feng Shui?

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Although it is an ancestral art, Feng Shui is anchored in more material reality. Indeed, it favors prosperity in all its forms: benefits in kind, windfalls, wealth, fortune, luxury, and abundance. You will find here some important Feng Shui advice and tips!

How to favor financial prosperity thanks to Feng Shui tips?

Overall, It will only to be required that you activate two rooms:

  • family room
  • office

In essence, those are the so-called “rooms” where we do spend more of our active time, but you may consider as well other important rooms for you, like the bedroom…

Your Guardian Angel can help guide you also towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge by using Feng Shui!

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Here are the recommendations to follow so Feng Shui influences your financial life

  • The Abundance zone depends on the wood element, just like a family’s.
  • So do not put any metallic objects in these rooms(as much as possible).
  • You will have to clean up the rooms, making sure everything you need to throw away is discarded (such as papers, empty bottles, cigarette butts…).
  • If you play at some game of chance, no matter what it is, you should light a red candle in the hour that precedes your leaving the house.
  • Wear green or purple clothes when you go and play.
  • Set green plants in a zone that provides that abundance (it can be in your family room or office) and take great care of them. Avoid cactuses and plants with thorns or sharp leaves.
  • Fresh fruits on your lounge table will greatly favor windfalls and diverse gains.

What you can expect on a financial level from practicing Feng Shui:

  • Unexpected windfalls
  • An increase in your income
  • Mouthwatering investment offers
  • The unexpected payoff of your debts
  • Extremely significant gains at games of chance

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