A Guide to the Archangel Sigils

archangel sigils

There are many ways we can reach out to an archangel: we can pray to them, we can meditate and reach out or we can even use actions as a form of sending messages. Similarly, archangel symbols can be used to allow them to relay a message back to us.

There is another method that can be used to call upon the power of certain angels: archangel sigils. We’ll explore the basics of what angelic sigils are and how they can be used (such as protection sigils).

We’ll also take a look at some specific examples of angel sigils such as the Archangel Gabriel sigil, the Archangel Raphael sigil, and the Archangel Michael Sigil.

What are Archangel Sigils?

So what exactly are archangel sigils? Let’s start with what a sigil is: These are markings, often described as a pictorial signature, which represents the name of your chosen being.

You get archangel sigils but you could just as easily use angel sigils, spirit guide sigils, or any other form of sigil you can think of. Any sigil, such as an angel sigil, is in simple terms a name.

One of the main ways people choose to create these sigils is with a Rose Wheel or Rose Cross which is a series of letters within a circle through which you connect the required letters. We’ll look more in-depth at this idea soon enough.

A sigil acts as an energy transmitter, of sorts. When you create and use one of the archangel sigils, you’re creating a beacon through which archangels can transfer their energy but also through which you can transfer yours.

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This creates a steady energy flow that can be used as a form of communication. Many people will use sigils for luck, as signs for protection, for cleansing negative energy, to improve spiritual communication, or for a wide range of other purposes. Your thoughts and intentions define the purpose of the archangel sigils.

Creating Archangel Sigils

You may be under the impression that creating archangel sigils would be a challenging task. In truth, it’s relatively simple once you get the hang of it. Alternatively, you can find pre-made sigils online.

These will still function in the desired way but I would encourage you to create your own. Forging your own angel sigils binds your energy with that whatever name you choose to convert to sigil form.

It also demonstrates your willingness for spiritual growth which is always looked favorably upon by higher beings.

The Rose Cross

You’ll find many variations of how to do this online but the simplest technique is to find yourself a rose wheel/rose cross. This is simply how you create your sigil so don’t worry if the wheel/cross itself isn’t fancy.

Similarly, while many people choose to use Hebrew as their rose wheel/cross-language, don’t feel bad if you have to use English or any other language. You can use a template of a rose cross/wheel or draw your own but if you’re new to this, you’ll find plenty of ancient designs which have been used throughout history for this very purpose.

The next step is to forge your sigil. As you carry out this step, you want to keep the function the sigil will serve in mind. For example, if you’re choosing to create a protection sigil then think about the protection aspect as you draw it.

The first step is to mark all the required letters with a single dot. The next step is to connect the dots to create the name.

We’ll look at some specific examples in a moment. Just remember that if you are using Hebrew or certain other languages, you must spell the name from right to left as opposed to the English method of left to right.

You should mark the start with a circle and the end with a line. From this point on, you can simply copy the symbol you’ve drawn onto paper, draw it on your skin, mark it onto a candle or use it in whatever form you choose.

Specific Archangel Sigils

We’ll now explore some of the uses of specific angel sigils. For each of these, you simply create your sigil using the Archangel’s name but remember to focus on the reason why you’re creating the sigil to bestow those specific energies onto it.

We’ll start by looking at Archangel Ariel and why you may create a sigil in her name.

Archangel Ariel Sigil

Archangel Ariel is known for her connection to nature. You may choose to invoke her power if you’re having difficulty with nature in some form or another.

Perhaps you’re struggling to grow plants in your garden or are having trouble with wildlife eating your planets. Through her wisdom, she can teach you how best to communicate with nature.

Archangel Gabriel sigil

For each Archangel, there will be several reasons as to why you may choose that specific angel. One may choose the Archangel Gabriel due to his communication abilities.

Whether you struggle to communicate or wish to help someone that does, Gabriel would be an excellent choice for such a matter. He’s also the angel you should call upon when you need strength, especially when it comes to new beginnings.

Archangel Raphael sigil

When you require healing (particularly that of a spiritual nature) you should invoke the power of Archangel Raphael by creating a sigil in his name.

Raphael will not only assist with healing but will teach you how to perform your own healing through your body’s natural ability to do so.

Archangel Michael Sigil

There are several reasons why you may choose to create a sigil in the name of Archangel Michael. For starters, he is often described as one of the easiest angels to hear, allowing for more straightforward communication.

If you’re feeling negative emotions such as fear, worry, regret, or envy then Michael had aid you in releasing these energies.

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