Love prayers to the Angels

A prayer for love to the Angels allows all those who wish to find happiness in love to enjoy the help of the Angels. Angels are, in fact, by your side.

They love you and surround you at all times of your life, especially throughout the most important periods.

And what could be more important than the moment when you seek the love of your life or more harmonious love life, and you pray for love?

Learn love prayers for the angels

For your prayer for love to work, you must have unshakeable faith in God and the Angels, in what they can do for you. Indeed, you have the opportunity and great advantage of being able to call on their light.

They will help you finally find the love and happiness you have searched for, for so long.

But before seeing the love prayers in detail, and especially whom you must address them to, it is important that you should know a little bit more about the Angels and the Angelic Realm.

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All about Angels

Many religions attest to the existence and intervention of Angels throughout History. It is natural, therefore, to address a prayer for love to them.

Whether relating to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism, to name but a few religions.

The Bible explicitly mentions the names of some Angels and Archangels, like Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael.

This, to let you know that Angels are very real in away. They live in Heaven and exist to serve God.

Who are the Angels?

Angels are celestial creatures, beings full of light and love, who are at the service of God. You can very well send them a prayer for love, or ask them to come to your aid.

The word “Angel” is ancient Greek for “Messenger”. So Angels are the Messengers of God. They foretell important events (Gabriel’s announcement to Mary).

They carry out Divine Missions by intervening in the world of men. This is the case, for example, of the two Angels who came to Lot’s home before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

Contrary to what many think, Heaven holds more than just Angels and Archangels. Living close to God and worshipping His Name are several Celestial Beings who form a hierarchy.

You can surely call on these celestial beings, send them relationship prayers or a prayer for love.

Kabbalists found 72 letters that would in truth make up the Name of God. They discovered this while studying a text of Exodus (Chapter 14).

72 unique combinations, with an Angel or Genie for each letter. So for them, there are 72 Angels of Kabbalah. In many belief systems, there are several hierarchies, consisting of Choirs conducted by a Leader.

Angels and Angelic Hierarchy

Before finding out which Angel you should address a prayer for love to, discover how these celestial beings are organized. For each Hierarchy, there are three Angelic Choirs.

First Hierarchy of Angels

This first Sphere consists of three Choirs called the Celestial Advisors, including:

The Seraphim stand around the Throne of God. They are part of those closest to God.

The Cherubim are known as the Guardians of the Stars and Light. As for the Thrones, they form the solid foundation on which God rests.

They correspond to the planets. It is in the Choir of Thrones, for example, that the Angel of the Heart (the planet Venus) may be found, to whom you may address your prayer for love.

Second Hierarchy of Angels

The second Hierarchy of Angels is made up of three Angelic Choirs known as the Celestial Governors:

  • The Dominions
  • The Virtues
  • The Powers

The Dominions, the Managers or Secretaries of the Celestial World, comprise the first Choir of this second Hierarchy of Angels.

The role of the Virtues, the second Choir of the Celestial Governors, is to amplify the Divine Energies. As for the Powers, they bear within themselves the conscience of all humanity.

They are the Guardians of the Temple of Collective History. In this third Choir of the Celestial Governors may be found the Angel of Birth and the Angel of Death.

Third Hierarchy of Angels

It is in the third Angelic Hierarchy that the Angels to whom you can address your prayer for love can be found. It also consists of three Choirs, to wit:

  • The Principalities
  • The Archangels
  • The Angels

Ranked above the Archangels, the role of the Principalities is to ensure world order. They are the Guardians of all communities.

Meanwhile, the Archangels are more familiar to us, even though they rank higher than the Angels: they are very bright beings whose mission is to ensure that the Divine Will is carried out, as well as the objectives and destinies of humans.

The Angels are closest to us and make up the third Choir of this third Angelic Hierarchy. Of course, they include our Guardian Angels.

They are our guides or companions whose mission is to support us and help us with unconditional love.

Asking for the Guardian Angels’ Help

The Guardian Angels can help you and you can address them relationship prayers. When you face major problems in your life, you can call on your Guardian Angel for help.

He is there to assist you, to point you in the right direction. He will help you come through the situation you are in.

If this does not go against your life purpose and soul’s mission, he will do it and will help you overcome the obstacles.

When you are looking for love, you can also call on the Angels and pray for love.

They will help you find your soulmate, happiness in love, or fix a broken heart, find harmony… Love Prayers to the Angels are very powerful texts you must recite in perfect silence.

A prayer for love is usually followed by a few minutes spent in meditation.

The 9 Love Prayers to the Angels

Prayer for love to the Angel Raphael to receive love and find joy

Oh, Raphael,
Incarnation of Love,
With this prayer, I dedicate myself to you, honor you, and ask for your protection

Oh holy Archangel, a guide to the travelers,
Receive my humble request
And help me to find the way
To a life full of love and joy.

Protect me from any danger that might threaten my happiness,
Console me,
Dispel anxiety and pain from my heart.
Place your gaze full of infinite kindness upon me and my loved ones.
Deliver me from bad temptations and open the path of true Love before me.

Oh, Raphael,
Grant me my humble request
Offer me the grace to benefit from your assistance
From now on and for the rest of my life.

Prayer for love to the angel Mehiel to materialize your feelings

Oh, Holy Angel Mehiel,
You organize and manage everyday events
Through this prayer, I call on your grace and friendship.

I beseech you,
Please enlighten my senses
And strengthen my heart writhing in the storm.
Let your wisdom elevate my spirit.

Mehiel, give me the strength to walk on and heal the wounds in my soul
Walk with me on the path of true Love,
Relieve my pain and heal my heart that has known so much despair.

With your celestial presence by my side, I can succeed in my earthly life
And be happy.

Allow me to love and be loved
More and more every day
Give me a chance to know love, which makes earthly life shine brighter.

I rely on your wisdom, kindness, and goodwill.

Prayer for love to every angel choir that favors harmony

Oh celestial creatures, blissful spirits,
Holy angels, and angels of every choir
Through this prayer, I honor you.

Oh, glorious angels,
Share your bright wisdom with me
And fill my soul with certainty.
The one that will grow my inspiration and dispel the doubts I can sometimes feel.

Angels, whose love is without peer,
Protect the strength and purity of my feelings
Do not let me fall into the abyss of despair
Teach me how to walk on with trust in love.

Let me move on with my life
Without any fear to lose the one I love,
Let me always treat that person with love and respect, and be loved and respected in return.

Finally, let me believe in your infinite wisdom
Because if love should always be seen as divine grace,
You are love’s guardians.

Prayer for love to your guardian angel to protect you from pain and let you overcome your obstacles

Oh my dear guardian angel, always by my side
Even in the hardest times.
My divine companion, my celestial guide,
My most loyal friend and guardian
With this prayer, I am speaking directly to you.

With tenderness, pour the pure water that makes happiness grow on me
Let Love blossom within me, so that I might keep believing.
Protect me from disappointment and let me overcome misery.

Grant me the strength to overcome temptation and avoid the many traps of fate.
Make sure that I grow stronger from every challenge, and let Love be greater each time.

My dear guardian angel, you know how to read hearts,
Assist me in my daily life and help me to always see clearly.
Support me whenever I am weak, and guide me in my choices and my struggles.
Watch over me, and over my loved ones.
So that peace, love, and harmony might reign in our hearts.


Prayer for love to Raziel to let true love blossom

Oh, Raziel, lord of providential love,
Listen to my heart that wants to beat in harmony with that of the one I love
Would you please help me?
And let the seeds of true love grow under the shadow of your wings
And then blossom under your light.

With this prayer, I put myself in your hands.
Please grant me your luck
And protect me from subterfuge.

Be my eyes whenever I need to see,
Be my ears whenever I need to hear,
Be my voice whenever I need to speak,
Teach me how to follow in your footsteps and find Love.

Oh Raziel, take my hand and lead me under a bright blue sky
Where the clouds of heartbreak hold no sway.

Keep my hopes and innocence safe
To let me be stout-hearted
And keep my heart safe from the traps of lassitude.

Let pain fade away
And let happiness finally be.
I am counting on your vigilance to help me
Find true love and joy.

Prayer for love to Hekamiah to reveal true feelings, ward off excesses, and help your relationship develop

Oh Hekamiah
You can help people grow and see the Truth
With this prayer, I call for your help.
Grant me the answers I need to grow.
Give me the opportunity to reason and understand.

When my heart flies away and I lose my sight.
I don’t know where I’m going
I forgot where I came from
I don’t know where I am.

Oh Hekamiah, I beseech you,
Let me receive your infinite wisdom.
Let my love plant its roots in the present.
Banish the illusions I created in spite of myself
Help me to love truly.
Let me learn from my mistakes to move ahead and be renewed
Elevate my conscience and cleanse my point of view.

Let my love always be sincere and never fake
Let it be exalted without excess or folly
Let it always be a source of happiness and never a source of worry.

Prayer for love to Gabriel for happiness in marriage

Oh Gabriel, who stands everywhere in time and space
Who lives inside our hearts
Release me from the selfishness that prevents me from giving myself fully in love
And being completely fulfilled.

Use your light to help me to love without any tricks, and without fear.
Help me to remove my own mask.
And let justice prevail.

Let any evil be cast out
Let my thoughts be soothed
And let the righteous be rewarded.

Lend me your strength that I might succeed in my endeavors
And finally, live
With Love as my ruler.

Prayer for love to Aladiah to keep hope, and to bolster your enthusiasm and optimism

Oh Aladiah, the angel of vibrant love
You see what lies hidden in the depth of our hearts
With this prayer, I ask for your help

Grant me the light of hope,
That will shine my tomorrows.
Give me the bright torch of love
To illuminate my path.

My soul needs to believe.
Grant me momentum when I run.
Help me to lay the first stone of my cathedral.

Let my love vibrate with optimism
Keep it safe from any turmoil
And let the flame I can feel in my heartburn eternally.

I beseech you, Aladiah show me the happiness that awaits me,
Let me feel it deep within me
That I might walk peacefully toward my own future.

With your helping hand, I know that the love I hope for stands within reach.
Grant me the grace of your help and your blessing.

Prayer for love to Daniel to heal hearts

Oh Daniel, the angel who mends relationships
Through communication,
With this prayer, I ask for your help.

Grant me your blessings!
Let my words be clear as water
Let my heart, my soul, and my spirit be cleansed from stray thoughts.
Help me to express my hopes and fears, to explain what I want
Make it easier for my loved ones to understand me.
Be my support whenever I need it.

Today my happiness depends on you
Give my life another chance with your presence,
Let the winds of renewal blow.

I beseech you, help me to achieve extraordinary things.

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