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Cleansing your energy with the smudging prayer

smudging prayer

Everyone needs their energy to be cleansed every once a while. The negativity in our surroundings sometimes gets the best of us making our positive energy be replaced by negative energies. When this is the case, we feel depressed and sluggish. Here, we should make use of a smudging prayer to cleanse our body and our surroundings.

Sage cleansing prayer

The negative energies in our surroundings not only affect our mental health but also influence our physical health. Thus, we should smudge prayer and get rid of this kind of negativity. This will not only benefit us but also the other people around us!

Sage is an element that can be found on Earth which is usually burnt. The smoke from the burnt sage acts as a cleaner that “kills” all the negativity in us and our surroundings. Smudging prayer is very effective with the use of sage. The sacredness and divinity of sage can’t be compared to any other cleansing element. It is very effective and a fast way to cleanse your body and environment.



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The smudging processes

To cleanse yourself may sound like an easy task but it is not. It is a four-direction process. To make a smudging prayer take effect, you need to first clear your space where you are performing this process and make sure that all the windows are open, and curtains are pulled away so that sunlight and air come into the area.

You need to burn the sage you have in your possession and fan the smoke of it onto yourself and your surrounding space.

The process starts from the Eastward end of the room you are in, and you keep spreading the smoke throughout the room as you move towards the South, then the West and the Northern end of the room. You need to come back to the Eastward end because that was your starting point. This way, the smoke of the sage has been spread to all corners of your surroundings, and the process has come to and ended.

Ensure that the smoke is encircled around your body for the cleansing of your body.

Smudging prayer

While you do the smudging process, you need to enchant a sage prayer as well. The prayer is given as follows:

May the sage cleanse my hands, my feet, my heart, my throat, my eyes, and my soul. Thus, enabling me to see, feel, touch, and hear about the beauty of this world.

May this space be cleansed by the smoke of sage in a way that the smoke carries my prayers to the highest of heaven to be accepted.


Once you finish the prayer, thank the angels and the Divine in your mind with a good intuition and hoping for the cleaning process to be a success.


The smudging prayer is a non-time-consuming process which is very effective for cleansing purposes. It can be done from time to time whenever you feel the need to cleanse your body and your surroundings. Just ensure that you have a good intent when you begin the process!

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