Aquamarine Stone Guide

Aquamarine Stone

The Aquamarine crystal is a pale blue color which is hardly surprising given the name of the gem itself. In this article, we are going to explore the general Aquamarine stone meaning and some of the physical properties of the gemstone. We’ll also look briefly at some of the metaphysical properties and the Aquamarine healing properties

Aquamarine Stone – These gems initially form in the magma of the Earth’s crust. As it forms, it interacts with the pegmatites (mineral-rich rocks) and eventually, during the final stages of crystallization, it begins to rise to the Earth’s surface, cooling as it does so. Interestingly, when the shade of the gem is a deeper blue and richer (less transparent) it’s more valuable. This type of stone can be found in the Americas, Africa, Russia and parts of Asia.

Back to Basics

The Aquamarine gemstone turns blue because of the iron that interacts with other minerals during the gem’s formation including Beryllium.

This gem (once polished and cut) almost resembles a sapphire but in its more raw form can often resemble tinted ice. Let’s also have a brief look at how the gem interacts with our 12 Chakras and how you can benefit from wearing Aquamarine jewelry.

Aquamarine Meaning

The Aquamarine meaning relates to the sea, of course. Unlike many other crystals, the Aquamarine meaning doesn’t change much throughout history.

The gem is often used as a travel crystal in relation to the sea. Many find that the Aquamarine meaning is related_posts to providing a sense of confidence and faith in the sea, allowing for easier sea travel to those with a phobia.

The gem isn’t limited to sea travel through and can provide a sense of protection whenever you’re traveling for longer periods of time; whether by car, train, plane or boat. Another Aquamarine meaning relates to water in general.

Many find that absorbing its energy can aid in learning to swim or improving upon one’s swimming ability.

When we look outside the water, we find another Aquamarine meaning: one of peacefulness, tranquility, and clarity.

These terms are related_posts to the spiritual nature of water and provide users with the energy needed to deal with many difficult aspects of life.

For example, if you’ve fallen out with a friend (for one reason or another) accessing this stone’s energy will allow you to remain calm and composed when confronting them about the problem.

Sometimes we need to be able to look past our egos in order to move forward with our lives.

Metaphysical Properties of Aquamarine

We’ll now take a look at some of the properties of the Aquamarine stone meaning that exist beyond the physical. We’ll explore some of the healing properties of Aquamarine in relation to the Aquamarine chakra connection. We’ll then go on to look at some of the Aquamarine properties in relation to jewelry.

Chakra Connection

The Aquamarine meaning in relation to our Chakras is a relatively simple one to grasp. For starters, it has a natural connection to the Throat Chakra.

Another of the Aquamarine stone properties actually relates to the Throat Chakra as the gem can enhance our communication abilities.

Some people will take the stone with them before speaking publically in order to feel more confident and avoid saying anything silly or damaging.

Those of us regularly in front of crowds such as teachers, politicians, actors or singers can benefit from this aspect of the gem.

Of course, sometimes it’s the Chakra itself that presents the problem which is where the healing aspect of the stone comes into play.

Using an Aquamarine gemstone to unblock your Throat Chakra is a relatively simple task.

You’ll know when your Throat Chakra is blocked because you’ll be scared of speaking, you’ll say inappropriate things and you’ll find that your social skills have dropped.

To prepare yourself, simply start off as if you were planning to meditate: find a quiet spot, relax and begin taking a few deep breaths.

As you enter into a meditative state, begin to visualize the blue color of the gem flowing directly into your Throat Chakra. You can even hold the stone up to your Throat Chakra to allow for a more direct approach.

Aquamarine stone in Jewelry

Wearing Aquamarine jewelry is an incredibly beneficial thing to do. It allows you to receive the calm and positive energy from the stone throughout the day.

As there is a stronger connection to your Throat Chakra with this gem, there is definitely an advantage to wearing an Aquamarine necklace over say an Aquamarine ring.

You won’t lose any of the general benefits by wearing a ring or bracelet but a necklace will provide a more direct route for the stone’s energy flow.

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