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old soul meaning

You may be unaware of this but your soul ages. In the same way that we age through this life, gathering wisdom, knowledge, and experience, we also age through our soul’s journey. In this article, we will be exploring the old soul meaning and how this relates to your soul’s age. We’ll explore some of the old soul characteristics such as old soul eyes. So by the end of this article, you should be able to identify if you or anybody you know is considered an old soul.

Old Soul Meaning and Definition

When we talk about an old soul, you probably associate the term with an old person. An old soul is quite different. You probably see an old person as being frail, slow, perhaps worn out mentally or physically. An old soul is a much more elevated position. When a soul has experienced a large amount of its journey, it picks up experience and knowledge of a spiritual nature.

We tend not to take our memories from one life to the next but our soul’s experience stays the same. This is particularly true of an old soul meaning that those with this level of soul tend to be able to naturally reach higher levels of spirituality. This is just one example of an ability an old soul may possess.



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Characteristics of an Old Soul

Within the spiritual circle, there is a general consensus of there being 5 earthly soul ages. These are based on the same way we define someone’s age here on Earth. You have the baby, the child, the youngling, maturity and old age. You can probably grasp the levels of each one pretty easily. These are, however, quite loose groupings. Much like here on Earth, a soul could display traits from two or more ages groups. So rather than using these as solid definitions, they are more like guidelines in order to get a rough idea of what age a soul may be.

There are some traits of an old soul that you can keep an eye out for. Old soul eyes are often mentioned as one of the few physical traits. Sometimes you can just look into someone’s eyes and see wisdom. You could be looking into the eyes of a child or even a baby but feel like you’re looking into the eyes of someone who has already traveled through the universe, exploring all things physical and spiritual. This is just one example though and so we’ll define old soul characteristics now and explore the old soul meaning further.


Wisdom is a simplified characteristic of an old soul. When exploring each old soul meaning and characteristic, we often have to delve deeper to get a full look at what it entails. So what exactly do we mean by wisdom? This isn’t quite the same as intelligence. An old soul isn’t necessarily any smarter than a younger soul and as we go through each life, we may display entirely different levels of intelligence. This wisdom relates more to spiritual intelligence and instincts. Others may find themselves drawn to this individual’s wisdom whether either of them is aware of the reason why or not.

Old souls will find themselves drawn more easily towards their spiritual calling. Meaning that in each life they will pick up spirituality techniques easier, find they have stronger connections to higher beings and the spiritual realm, but will also be able to view the actions of others from a more understanding point of view. This also shows through their forms of education. Through the span of their Earth life, an old soul will find that while they may be drawn towards the education of any kind, they always come back to spirituality in some form or another, almost as if the universe is guiding them towards their destiny.

Fitting In Doesn’t Appeal

We often view people who don’t fit in with the rest of society as being odd in some form or another. Often these individuals are introverts and appear to struggle to socialize in a “normal” manner. In actuality, it’s quite possible that they just have a gut instinct telling them that there’s no real need to fit in. All the trends, the popularity, the pressures that are associated with trying to conform to societal norms are in fact temporary while a soul’s journey is a far greater focus to have. That’s not to say that they will remain this way through each life but often there are certain ages (Earth age) where this behavior simply stands out more.

The lack of conformity can strike at any time though. An old soul may not have any huge interest in going to parties or watching sports or working fulltime jobs. Instead, their time may be spent reading, learning, exploring this world and perhaps furthering their journey into the beyond. They’ll focus less on things such as politics or protests or elections as that gut instinct keeps them convinced that these are merely short-lived focuses and find themselves naturally disinterested. Let’s further explore the characteristics of old soul people.

Nearing the End

Time is running out in the physical world for an old soul meaning that they will enjoy all the smaller details that some of us may overlook. An old soul may find that they listen to the rain as if they were hearing each and every drop in slow motion, crashing into the grown. Each leaf from a tree suddenly has more aspects than the mind can even comprehend and an old soul may spend huge amounts of time focusing on each of these details. This may sound beautiful and in essence, it is. But not ever experience within the old soul meaning is positive.

While there are those who will naturally seek out the wisdom of an old soul, they are often cast off in the same manner as the elderly. Those from within their soul group may have left to complete their soul journey, no longer returning to live lives here on Earth, which can be incredibly lonely for an old soul. It’s possible that their soul family may also be gone and while they may have new soul family members, they will be younger and not quite at the same level of understanding as an old soul.

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