Types of empaths

types of empaths

An empath is someone with the ability to tap into the emotions, state of mind, energy or other aspects of another being. This article will take a look at the different types of empaths such as the spiritual empath. It will also look at information related_posts to a psychic empath test that will help you to answer the question: what type of empath am I? If you’ve never heard of an empath before or of any of these empath types then this article will also work as a beginner’s guide.

Different types of empaths

You’ve probably heard the term empathy before to describe the understanding of the emotions or feelings of another. This is actually a minor form of psychic ability. We will look at this later on. The complete list of empath types is far too long to be covered in this article.

As such, it will focus on five of the main different types of psychic empath and hopefully, this will provide a good base of knowledge from which you can reach out and learn more. The types the article will cover include: the spiritual empath, the emotional empath, the knowing empath, the geomancy empath and finally, the nature empath.



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The Spiritual empath

Another name for the spiritual empath is the mediumship empath (related_posts to the idea of a medium). From either name you can probably hazard a guess as to the abilities a spiritual empath may possess. Interestingly enough, it’s one of the few types of empaths that often involves visual aspects. A spiritual empath has a connection to beings not of this world. What I mean by that is that they aren’t physically part of our world.

Many view this as meaning ghosts but it can also refer to angels, archangels and other beings that just exist outside this material world. Their abilities can range from simply feeling a presence or energy to actually seeing them, hearing them or smelling them.  They also have a heightened ability to communicate with these beings.

The Emotional Empath

Interestingly, emotional empath is one of the few types of empaths that is firmly rooted within the world of science. A psychologist may tell you about varying types of empathy such as cognitive or affective empathy. The latter is the ability to not only know but to feel the emotions of another human.

This usually only applies to visible emotions such as seeing someone crying and feeling sad yourself. An emotional empath has a more advanced version of this and can feel emotions regardless of how well hidden they may be. It’s the most common type of empath to be found today.

The Knowing Empath

Also known as a claircognizance, individuals with this ability are able to tap into the thoughts and feelings of those around them. It’s a somewhat similar ability to that of the emotional empath. Some types of empaths do overlap with others and in some cases, empath types can seem more like one that the other. The difference between these two is that knowing empath gets more of a feel for intention and personality. It’s the ability to understand the state of mind of someone rather than focus on what they are feeling. For example, they may feel if someone is about to do something irrational or if someone is losing hope.

The Geomancy Empath

Out of all the different types of empaths, this is perhaps one of the more unique. A geomancy empath doesn’t connect to animals or spirits or other humans, they connect to the Earth: More specifically, to the energies of the Earth. A geomancy empath can feel whether an area has high or low energy. This could relate to spiritual areas such as ancient religious grounds.

It can also relate to areas such as Ley Lines, which go around the world.  It’s also one of the few empath types with an aspect of precognition. Since they detect energies, they can sometimes sense when something potentially disastrous is happening or about to happen like an earthquake or volcanic eruption. They may feel a sense of anxiety or dread leading up to these moments.

The Nature Empath

Different types of psychic empath each have unique abilities and the nature empath is no exception. Unlike types of empaths such as the spiritual empath or emotional empath, nature empath communicates with nature. You’ll sometimes hear them being called flora empaths.

Nature empaths have a unique connection to plants, often meaning they are better at growing and caring for them. The idea of communicating with plants may seem a bit crazy but actually what a nature empath does is connect to the plants through their energies. They don’t talk or have discussions with them but can get a feel for how best to care for the nature of this world.

The nature empath does have some overlap with the geomancy empath in that they can both detect changes in nature. Where the geomancy empath can often feel changes in the energies of the Earth, the nature empath can also detect these changes through the effect it has on the world’s nature.

Psychic Empath Test

If you find yourself now asking “what type of empath am I?” Then I may have some bad news. We don’t all possess these abilities. Some of us display absolutely none of these abilities whatsoever. Other may have minor abilities but not the full strength or anything life-changing. If you’re curious, you can always carry out a psychic empath test.

There are several ways to do this. You could go online and find a psychic empath test. There are plenty to choose from but they often aim to boost your ego and give you a sense of grandeur rather than tell you the truth.

The Real Psychic Empath Test

As there are so many different types of empaths, a quiz claiming to answer the question ‘What type of empath am I?’ is unlikely to give you the answer you seek…or at least the answer that is true. Instead, read through the types of empath and find ones that feel familiar to you.

From there, carry out your own psychic empath test. Keep a note of your emotions, thoughts and random insights that may feel like intuition. Then try to confirm whether they have any truth. For example, if you feel like your friend is sad but doesn’t look it, write this down and then probe them to see if you can discover a hidden truth.

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