Breath Awareness – All you need to know!

breath awareness

Breathing is something we do every day and all the time of our lives until we are gone. It is for this reason that we do not value it and often take it for granted. For us, it’s just inhaling and exhaling and we tend to do it without our conscious mind knowing about it. However, what we could never have possibly thought about is how breath awareness can be a great tool to get equipped with.

Breath Awareness

Breathing is easy and not noticeable in your conscious mind. First of all, you need to notice your breath at different times of the day or in different situations you are in. For example, you often breathe very rapidly when you are stressed or worried. It is then that you notice your breathing rate without wanting to do so. Sometimes, you feel your heart beating like a drum: that is when your awareness has risen.

When you feel that things are getting on top of you, you should breathe slowly and deeply. Each slow and deep breath will help calm you down as you regain your default state. Learn to consciously respond with love and take a few moments to raise your awareness by breathing slowly.

It helps clear your mind as your body gets filled with oxygen. It is as if you have started walking on the spiritual path of life which leads you to the Divine Light.

Can’t Sleep?

It is not an unusual thing if you can’t sleep at night sometimes. Sometimes when you are worried or tense, it is normal for you not to get to sleep on time. It is due to this reason that breath awareness has its importance.

Breath awareness can be done through breath meditation techniques. This requires you to completely clear your mind and focus on the breathing rate at which you currently breathe. Imagine breathing in Love and Light, and slowly you will feel as if your stress is washing away or being sucked out of you.

As the stress is getting out of your body, your mind becomes calm, and ultimately the sleep starts to take over your mind until you gradually fall into a deep sleep.

The present moment is the most crucial aspect of your meditation process as the breath awareness works best in moments when you can perceive the present moment as it is.

Breath Awareness & Daily Breathing Meditation

You might be wondering about “how to increase your awareness?”. What you do not need to worry about is this as it has a very simple technique – the breathing meditation process. All you need to do is consciously breathe as slowly as you can.

You should take out few breaks during your day to make this happen as it will help you in getting through a tough day calmly.

Meditation is designed for you to ease yourself in different ways. This breathing meditation specializes in easing your mind and helping you get into a state of peace of mind.

Thank the angels

The angels are always with you even when you do not call upon or invoke them. They are with you without your conscious mind knowing and they deserve your gratitude. Thus, you should take out a few moments every day to thank them for being there with you through your thick and thin, trying endlessly to make your days better as they pass.

That is the least they deserve. Stay blessed with their love and light!

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