Exploring the Meaning of a Black Aura!

Black Aura

Auras are an important part of life and once we learn how to see the auras of both ourselves and others, we quickly begin to realize that it’s not quite as simple as noticing the color. Each color also displays a different shade of that color and with each shade comes a meaning that could potentially be the complete opposite of another shade of the same color. If this all seems a little confusing, don’t worry. We’re going to take a look at just one color in this article: a black aura. As we explore the dark aura meaning, we’ll also touch upon some ways to alter an aura’s color.

What is an Aura?

Before we dive straight into looking at the dark aura meaning, we have to have a grasp of what an aura actually is. Understanding aura colors are useless unless you can understand the significant role an aura plays. So what is my aura and your aura? Well, here is the simplest description: an aura is a sort of spiritual force field or energy field.

It surrounds all living things both within the physical world and the spiritual world. Every aura feeds off different sources of energy and as a result, different ways of life create different types of auras. Think of it this way: every part of your life plays a role in creating a certain aura.

So someone who eats healthily involves themselves in spiritual practices, exercises, is kind to others, and is overall just a moral person will have a different color of aura when compared to someone who lives the opposite lifestyle.

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Black aura meaning

Angels will almost always possess a white aura which probably leads you to one question in particular: If angels are represented by white, then what does a black aura mean?

Each aura colors meaning can represent something slightly different for each shade. For example, if we looked at red auras we would find that you can get a light red aura, a dark red aura, a bright red aura, and more.

It’s rarely as straightforward as seeing color and suddenly having insight into either your own life or the life of someone else. FYI, you can also perform an Aura color quiz, to know better and to answer to: What color is my aura?

However, when we come to the black aura there tends to be very little room for debate or confusion. Just keep in mind that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

When we consider the color white, we can often view it as the polar opposite of the color black. The same is true for a white or black aura. A white aura represents purity and peace whereas a black aura represents turmoil, chaos, and negativity.

Similarly, a white aura represents an aura functioning at its highest capacity whereas a black aura is quite the opposite.

The problem with such an aura is that it generates a sort of feedback loop, something we’re going to explore further as we look at the personality/lifestyle that such an aura will typically represent.

A Dark Personality

There are a few misconceptions that we must address before continuing. For starters, your aura is not permanent. Just because your friend has a dark aura or a blue aura today, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will tomorrow or the next day.

Nobody’s lifestyle or personality remains fixed for all their lives and as auras are a reflection of these aspects, they are also subject to change. We will touch on methods for altering your spirituality and by default your aura color in just a moment. First, though, we must cover the second misconception.

It’s important to realize that a black aura does not represent evil. It’s fair to say that evil people would likely have this color of aura but that’s not to say that everyone with a black aura should be treated as being automatically evil.

It’s more accurate to think of black auras as representing chaos and turmoil but not always by that person’s choice. If someone grows up around evil people or experiences a traumatic childhood then they would likely display this sort of aura.

Typically, this highlights that they haven’t quite recovered from these traumatic events and negative emotions are still the driving force within their life.

Blocked Aura

If you think about it carefully, you’ll begin to understand that the simplest way of looking at a black aura is as a reflection of a troubled soul. If someone is evil, you may describe their soul or spirit as troubled but you would say the same about someone who had never recovered from the death of a loved one or another form of a traumatic experience.

These people need help, guidance, and support rather than judgment. However, it’s important to realize that not everybody will be willing to accept help. For those who do, there are some simple techniques they can introduce to generate a brighter aura.

Black auras represent a sort of feedback loop. A darker aura is less effective at shielding your body, mind, and soul from negative energy. The darker it becomes, the less effective it becomes which in turn leads to you experiencing more negative energy and generating a darker aura…and so on. Let’s take a look at fixing that.

Clearing your Aura

We’re going to touch upon two incredibly simple techniques that you or a friend can incorporate into your life to clear negative energy from your spirit and begin generating a brighter and stronger aura.

The first method is arguably the simplest. It’s certainly the one that requires the least active effort. All you need to do is go out and explore nature. The deeper into nature you can go, the more thorough your energy cleanse will be. You could take a walk up a hill, explore a new section of the forest, swim in the sea, or shower under a waterfall. Just choose something that appeals to you. The important part of this is escaping your city life.

The other method, which can be used alongside the first, is meditation. Meditation is incredibly simple. If you’re a little unsure about where to begin then check out some guided meditation sessions online and simply find one that works for you. Spending as little as 10 minutes meditating every other day will create a significant difference in your life.

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