What are Crystal Grids?

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are incredibly powerful and can be beneficial when you have a specific intention in mind that you’re struggling to achieve. Many people are unfamiliar with crystal grids or worry that the whole process will be too complicated to understand, but as we’ll soon see, that isn’t the case. We’re going to cover the basics through considering how to make a crystal grid, the different specific functions of crystal grids (such as a crystal grid for love), and a few other things along the way, such as preparation, necessary and optional items, and the importance of intuition.

What is the purpose of crystal grids?

Let’s start with the basics and explore what a crystal grid is and the function that they serve. Their primary function is to hone-in your spiritual energy towards a specific purpose. It’s like a satellite dish that focuses your intentions, questions or goals, and directs them in the right direction. Crystal grids serve secondary functions as well, such as improving your spirituality, increasing your vibrational energy level, cleansing your spirit of negative energy, and helping you to trust your intuition.

You’re probably wondering why there’s any need to use multiple crystals if single crystals are already so powerful. Think of crystals as being like components of a computer. Each one serves an important function, and while they all contribute to a single, larger purpose, each one is individual and unique, offering something slightly different to the rest. Crystals are powerful tools but by using multiple crystals, especially within a grid, you can create new types of energy flow and experience the benefits that the crystal combinations offer.



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How do crystal grids work?

Crystal grids are exactly what they sound like: a grid of crystals. If you’re wondering how to make a crystal grid, we’ll explore that in a moment, but for now, just imagine laying your crystal out into a grid shape on the floor.

By creating a unique pattern with different crystals, you will allow yourself to harness and focus the different energies that each crystal holds, transforming themselves in Healing Crystals.

Grids are incredibly simple to make, but simplicity sometimes creates problems for people as they can’t trust their own intuition enough. There are a few things you will need before beginning. The main thing will be crystals. You can create a grid with multiple crystals of the same type, but you’re much better off with a range of crystals, especially those that align with your goal or intention( as for example for Chakra Cleansing).

You want your largest crystal to form the center of your grid, with medium-sized crystals marking any landmark points, and smaller crystals helping to shape the grid. You’ll also need a piece of paper. On this, you should write or draw your goal or intention. This only has to make sense to you, so don’t worry about writing an essay or drawing a work of art. If you can glance at the paper and understand your goal, then that’s enough.

There are also some optional items you may wish to have. Some people will use a crystal grid cloth or elements of nature such as leaves, stones, twigs, flowers, or plants. This cloth simply separates the energy of the ground from your crystals. It also stops your crystals getting damaged or dirty from the floor.

How do you make a healing Crystal Grid?

Now comes the fun part! Creating your grid is an individual task, but it’s one that is entirely open to your choices. Crystal grids can take any shape or size you like, but there are a few aspects that you may wish to follow. For example, always have your largest crystal in the center.

This will be the hub for all the energy that flows through your grid. You might then choose to create rings around the center, with different crystals being used for each ring. Alternatively, you might mark the cardinal points with one type of crystal, and then surround them with another type.

You have the freedom to be as creative and unique as you like. Allow your intuition to guide you and the grid will begin to form itself in front of you. When you look down and see a grid that feels right, you can move onto learning how to use crystal grids.

How do you use crystals? – The Intention

Much like the creation stage, using a grid is a personal experience. Each person will interact with their grid in a different way, and so you should be aware that there are no wrong methods. For example, you might choose to place your piece of paper under the crystal grid cloth or under the central crystal. Alternatively, you might hold it in your hands or place it by your side.

Ideally, you want to be sitting in front of your grid. From there, allow your mind and spirit to guide you. Some people will choose to meditate, others will simply relax and let themselves enter a state of visualization, but you might also choose to actively pursue your intention. If you’re using the crystal grid for love, then you might hold questions in your mind or visualize the person who holds a special place in your heart.

Crystal grids also work for improving spiritual communication. If you’re trying to reach your angels in a clearer manner, then a grid can create a strong connection. They also demonstrate to your angels that you’re taking the time to try and better your connection with them, something that will show your dedication to your own spiritual development.

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