Equinox Meaning and importance in our life

equinox meaning

This article will be exploring Equinox meaning.  For those of you unaware, the equinox is the time of year when the sun crosses the celestial equator. This gives the effect of the day and the night being of equal length. This event happens twice a year: around the 20th of March and the 22nd of September 2022. 

We will explore the equinox meaning concerning spirituality. As such, we will examine the spring equinox meaning and the fall equinox meaning (or the autumn equinox meaning if you’re from the UK). Before we get to that, we’ll explore the important role the equinox played in ancient cultures.

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Pyramids of the Equinox

When taking the time to examine the equinox, you can’t ignore the pyramids. Whether you look in Mexico or Egypt, ancient civilizations left us clues to demonstrate they were fully aware of the significance of these days.

Some even think these clues unlock lost knowledge of history. For example, the El Castillo pyramid in Chichen Itza displays a shadow snake slithering down the steps representing the feathered serpent but only on the equinoxes.

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The Pyramid of Sun at Teotihuacan (also in Mexico) faces the exact point where the sun sets during the equinoxes. This is taken a step further when we travel to Egypt.

There is a lot of debate as to the function of the Great Pyramid (and the Sphinx) in Egypt, along with its dating. More and more research suggests that it’s drastically older than the main-steam view would suggest.

The pyramid itself originally had a white limestone outer-casing which (on the equinoxes) would cause a flash of light that would be seen for miles; some state that even someone on the moon could have seen it.

It also has several chambers that during the equinoxes allow light to shine all the way down to the bottom levels. So why were these ancient civilizations so obsessed with the equinox?

The Sun

Of course, we can’t fully grasp the equinox meaning without also taking into consideration the importance of the sun. Every single culture throughout the world has at some point praised the sun. Most ancient Gods included a sun God (such as Ra in Ancient Egyptian mythology).

The sun and its energy are the focal points of the equinox meaning and have to be acknowledged when embracing these times of the year. Many cultures have stories relating to winter being chased away by a hero or God who was, in essence, the sun.

The Spiritual Significance

So what is the importance of the equinox from a spiritual standpoint? Well, more than anything it represents balance. Whether you’re looking at the fall equinox spiritual meaning (autumn equinox spiritual meaning) or the meaning of spring equinox, it’s all a matter of perspective depending solely on which hemisphere of the Earth you reside in.

Balance is important in all aspects of our life but perhaps even more so in spirituality. On the equinox you have a balance of light and dark, day and night, the seasons themselves are in a balanced state usually not too hot and not too cold.

Half the world is heading into spring, the other half into fall. What does all of this actually mean? Well, it means that you can acknowledge these days as turning points.

The ancients of this world applied a great amount of significance to these days, to the point of building incredible monuments in line with them. These days are symbolic of change but also a time to embrace balance.

People often make resolutions for the New Year but from a spiritual standpoint and when taking into account the equinox meaning, these two dates of the year would be the best time to make a change either within yourself or within your life.

The Spring Equinox Meaning

As we’ve already discussed, the idea of a spring or autumn equinox is simply a matter of perspective but let’s take a look at what the spring equinox represents for people. Spring in itself is a time for rebirth.

In Christianity, you have the rebirth of Jesus. Freya the Norse Goddess would leave Earth during the winter months but would return to restore Earth’s beauty at the spring equinox.

You have Osiris of Ancient Egypt who was resurrected during the Spring Equinox. We can see the importance of the theme of rebirth simply by looking at history.

Celebrations, gatherings, and parties are all things that would take place at the time of the spring equinox to mark the joy of the return of life to Earth. This has been seen as the moment in which to best cleanse negative energy.

Allegedly this is where the idea of spring cleaning originates. Of course, its purpose was more focused on the cleaning of the spirit rather than dirty houses.

So by embracing this day of the year and perhaps meditating or doing some work on your own body, mind, and soul, you can feel the benefits of the rebirth.

The Fall Equinox Meaning

When we take a look at the fall equinox spiritual meaning (the spiritual meaning of autumn equinox) we face a darker time as heading into autumn and ultimately winter is a bleak time for all concerned.

On this day, we have to become grateful for what we have. We look back and acknowledge any hard work we’ve put in throughout the year. This relates to the harvesting of food and the hope that you’ve worked hard enough to survive the winter.

As such, we have to be willing to accept our mistakes. As we head into the darker months of the year, we too must face our own darkness. Only through self-reflection can we battle our demons.

As the sun disappears earlier and earlier, we feel the natural energy it provides also fading. You can look at this time of year as being a sort of spiritual harvest. Have we prepared our spirit for the months ahead?

We need to be ready to face whatever negative energies and emotions may appear from the shadows during this time. Luckily, our angels are always prepared to give us a hand.

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