The 9th Dimension – Learn more and discover the mysteries about it

9th dimension

Have you heard of the different dimensions in the world? The different levels of energies that exist? 9th dimensional frequencies are unlike other vibrational frequencies that you have experienced in your life before. It helps you transform most uniquely into a person full of positive energy. It helps you tap into the spiritual realm to help you undergo the process of spiritual awakening and higher ascension. Find out more about the 9th Dimension.

What is a Dimension?

A state of consciousness is a dimension which has its specific frequency according to the laws and principles that are set in for that dimension. Every individual vibrates with a particular level of energy which is used to categorize them into a specific dimension. That is why every person is different. These dimensions are not above or below one another rather, they are interpenetrating and exist in the same sort of space.

Dimensions are just like water. Water has three states – ice, steam, and water. All three states are dependent on the rate at which its molecules vibrate. The same applies to dimensions which are just different states of being interconnected. There are 12 dimensions that exist in our universe, and then there is one that connects to all other universes which is known as the Cosmic Wound.



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Understanding Dimensions

Dimensions can be seen as different levels of awareness just like how radio is played at different frequencies. As for what was known before this, everyone as humans existed between the 3rd and the 4th dimension. However, this has been changing in recent years due to the different changes in life.

Now, in the 3rd dimensions, we find fear and people who tend to blame one another for crimes they have not committed. The hate-filled in the people is shown when it comes to the 3rd dimension. However, as you move upwards towards the higher dimensions, you see higher spirituality. The love and light tend to increase in the people who are in higher dimensions.

Stay in the Higher Dimensions

You can draw the 9th dimension frequencies into your life by staying highly spiritual and connected to the spiritual realm. Even being in close contact with the angels by connecting with them is a very effective and efficient way to keep yourself in the higher order of the dimensions.

The 9th dimension is known to bring a beautiful balance in your life of love, light, harmony, peace, happiness, and spirituality. It makes you a master of light in its physical form – which is not something everyone can do. The 9th dimensional frequencies help you ease your mind and attract all sorts of positivity that are possible to be attracted while getting your body, mind, and soul rid of all the negativity that lies within them.

What is the 9th Dimension?

It’s being said that 8th dimension is the farthest that you are required to go if you want to express matter because the 9th dimension has the containment of informational patterns, preferences, and other factors that only one of a kind of reality can have in an overlapping manner. So, the question is… how can you arrive at the 9th dimensional frequency?

Your mind is trained in a manner that you will automatically hear a voice from within that will indicate a position in a system. Since here we are discussing the dimensions, your mind will point to space in a certain dimension where it wants to lead you. Now, assuming it is the 9th dimension, you will find a space to reside in. That space is where all possible states of the dimensions are represented. Hence, when a certain dimension is considered, all the possible set of states for that dimension become unbounded and finite.

The 9th dimension is the dimension where the ‘information equals reality’ equation is fulfilled. This dimension is related_posts to the information you have on you to better understand and tune into the light and love of the creator. It is one of the highest dimensions and thus, tunes you into the energy of the Divine Himself. When you are experiencing energies from this dimension, you will be thinking more about Him and how all lives live by Him and Him only.

Sensing Energy

Being able to differentiate between the different energies you experience is nothing less than a great blessing from the Divine as it is not something that can be done very easily. It is a gift that the Divine has best owed upon you for which you should be grateful. People who have been on their journey to raise their consciousness often experience becoming highly empathetic as it is a feature of the greater conscious mind. By this, it means that you get very sensitive to the energy frequencies that you experience. This sensitivity of energy is a great tool as it helps you know specifically what energy is needed to create something and you has the means to access it through your mind since it has been highly trained.

All the energy, of course, lies within you. You are the bulk of energy which exists. All the energy that you experience in your every day comes from you as you are the source of its origination. Once you acknowledge the fact that all the energy you ever need is within you, accessing it becomes very easy as the source is you. Thus, then it is only a matter of what you want to create from that energy or how you want to use it.

However, you need to set a limit for yourself to use this energy as letting go of the belief in limitations is nothing less than stepping into the power of the Divine which we as humans do not tend to suffer.

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