Purple Aura Guide – Exploring the Different Shades of the Purple Aura!

Purple Aura

With auras appearing in pretty much any color, it can be difficult to grasp a deep understanding of what each color actually means. With multiple shades of each color, the task becomes all the more difficult and so in this article, we’re going to explore just one color in particular: the purple aura meaning.

So what does purple mean and what does purple symbolize? These are just two of the questions we’ll answer as we explore the purple personality and the purple aura color meanings. Let’s start by touching on what auras actually are and what the colors represent.

Back to Basics

Before we can explore the aura colors meaning, we have to actually understand what auras are. When we go through life, we pass through many different fields of positive or negative energy.

You’ll notice this when you hang around negative people: their negativity seems to spread to you. The function of an aura is to deflect as much of this negative energy as it can.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of our auras can be impacted by several different factors including, but not limited to, diet, spirituality, health, mood, surroundings, and more.

When all of the various factors are taken into consideration, they result in an aura appearing in a certain color. As we’ll see with the purple aura, there are certain traits, behaviors, habits, and more that can be interpreted from the color of an aura.

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Exploring the Purple Aura

So what are the aura colors meaning? The colors are a visual representation of this process. Each color of the aura (which also includes various shades) can possess certain traits of its own that allow it to better protect from negative energy as well as interacting with certain chakras.

So if you compared a blue aura and a purple one, you’d find that one might provide something that the other does not. You can also perform an Aura color quiz, to know better and to answer to: What color is my aura?

So what sort of variations can we expect within the purple-colored aura itself? As with any aura color, there are at least the basic variations: light and dark.

However, there are some differences and misconceptions we have to consider before exploring this color of aura in more depth. Firstly, with many aura colors, there are set shades. For example, within the blue aura, you would get sky blue, royal blue, muddy blue, and more.

Things are a little different within the auras of a purple color. You can simplify this distinction by dividing the shades into light purple and dark purple.

One common misconception is that light shades represent morality with darker shades representing immortality. Someone with a darker shade isn’t necessarily evil (although someone evil would certainly display a darker shade) it’s more than they have negativity within them.

This negativity could be related to their personality but it could also be a deep-rooted trauma that they are potentially unaware of. It’s even possible that the negativity is within their very soul and has crossed over from a previous life.

So try not to judge people as being “bad” or “evil” simply because their aura appears as a darker shade of a color.


You could describe those with a purple aura as being similar to an emotional or spiritual sponge. This is perhaps where we see the biggest divide between the light shades and the dark shades.

While their aura works perfectly well at keeping negative energy at bay, for some reason it struggles to hold back emotional issues. You could describe these individuals as being incredibly empathetic, perhaps even as empaths, but many of them also display a range of psychic abilities and gifts.

Suffice to say that their interactions with groups of people can be overwhelming, particularly within strongly positive or negative environments. Those with a lighter purple aura can better deflect the negative emotions and so they will feel the happiness, trust, joy, excitement, thrill, and love of any situation.

These positive emotions boost their positive energy and as such, they feel better about themselves and the world in general. On the other hand, those with a darker shade of purple aura are more susceptible to negative emotions.

Even within positive environments, they’ll find themselves soaking up any stress, paranoia, contempt, or jealousy that others are giving off. Of course, this isn’t the only example where we see the clear divide between light shades and dark shades.

Trust Issues

The purple aura reflects rather unique issues when it comes to trust. We can once again explore the two different sides of the same coin.  For those displaying a lighter shade of purple, we find that they can be too trusting.

They open themselves up to people and even when their gut instinct is telling them to run, they put their faith in the wrong people. Of course, for those who are deserving of their trust, they open many doors, create pure and reliable friendships, and come across many unique opportunities.

With some guidance and self-exploration, someone with this shade can limit the people they trust to those deserving of it. Of course, we find that the opposite is true with the darker shades of the purple aura.

These people will trust very few people if anyone. You might describe their state of mind as similar to paranoia but in reality, they just have their defenses up. It’s possible that they’ve been given a reason not to trust people in the past, and so their solution is to trust nobody at all.

This makes it difficult to form friendships and relationships as they reveal as little information about themselves as they possibly can. It takes a very special person to get them to open up their inner vault.

Trusting Themselves

It’s not just other people that purple aura personalities have trouble trusting, but also themselves. They tend to ruminate over past mistakes and worry about future possibilities. They have incredible imaginations, but this also means that they’re capable of thinking up some of the absolute worst-case scenarios.

These individuals can spiral into a pit of self-doubt, especially those with a much darker shade of purple, and this leads to the beginning to lose touch with their own identity.

Sometimes the best thing they can do is focus on the present or allow the universe to make decisions for them. Leaving things up to “chance” might sound a bit crazy, but the universe always has a way of guiding us back down the correct path.


People with purple aura are natural explorers. We actually find a balance within this area as regardless of the shade of the purple aura, both groups are fairly similar. These individuals enjoy exploring the unknown.

Many of them feel like they were born at the wrong time: too late to explore the world but too early to explore space. They are pioneers and wish to plant their flag in a new land that has been undisturbed by humanity.

While both the shades of the purple aura are fairly similar, there is still a difference in their approach to exploration. The lighter shades will typically explore outside, usually with other people. The darker shades explore knowledge and ideas.

That’s not to say that they won’t pack a bag and head out into the world but when they do, it’s typically alone or with a few people as possible. The more isolated a place is, the more appealing it is to them.

One other clear difference relates to photos. When a lighter shade person comes back, they’ll have photos of themselves in various locations while the dark shade person will typically just have photos of locations, buildings, and interesting artifacts.

Love and Relationships

We’ve already touched on the idea that each of the two shades of purple can face various problems when developing friendships. We didn’t really delve into how this impacts their love life.

We’ve already covered trust which of course plays a major part in any relationship, regardless of whether it’s romantic or platonic, but with the purple aura, there is a deeper issue at hand.

Individuals with a purple aura are secretive by nature, even those with a lighter shade. We mentioned earlier that having a lighter shade typically means that they are too trusting but that doesn’t mean that they reveal everything.

In fact, when it comes to developing relationships, both shades of purple will keep certain aspects of who they are a secret. The darker shades will keep pretty much everything hidden, since they don’t trust anyone, even their partner, but the lighter shades are prone to keeping desires and dreams secret.

They don’t like the idea that someone could know what goes on inside their minds. They might share passwords, other people’s secrets, or even their bank pin, but they won’t tell you about their deepest hopes and dreams for life, at least not the full story.


Another trait that you can find within those with a purple-colored aura is loyalty. For some, they know what it feels like to be betrayed and so they would never wish that upon anyone else, let alone be the cause of it. Just don’t take this loyalty for granted!

The purple-colored aura may signal loyalty but if you betray them then you’ll never regain that place within their lives. You get one shot to be in their good books and if you mess that up then that’s it, game over.

The purple-colored aura can signify that there won’t be any second chances so remain honest at all times and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to happen to you.

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