Seeing Faces While Meditating – Know more about this here!

seeing faces while meditating

Seeing faces while meditating? Does it ever happen to you that at night when you lie down in bed to sleep, and you close your eyes only to see faces of people gaze across your closed eyes? It is odd for this to happen as you might think those are ghosts and getting scared is a normal reaction but… learn what these faces mean!

What is the Meaning of Seeing Faces while meditating?

Pareidolia is the scientific term given to the phenomena where people experience the seeing of faces, whether it be in clouds, text, coffee stains, or even on toast. It is known to be a result of the brain which processes visual information to seeing faces while meditating.

The visual information can be as general as colors, random lines, light, or even some kind of texture. The brain continuously works to try and understand different things in life, so the seeing face while meditating, is not something that needs to be worried about.

Have you ever seen a face while you’re meditating? Understanding the meaning behind such an experience can be important in order to learn how to get the most from your meditation.

Anything you feel, hear, smell, see, taste, and think can symbolize a message or discovery from within yourself. Trust in yourself and listen to your intuition. Contact your Guardian Angel to learn more about these meditation experiences!

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Don’t Be Afraid!

Seeing faces during a meditation session, or while taking part in any other spiritual practice, is nothing to be afraid of. These images can sometimes represent a deeper connection to a specific being, but the vision of a face is entirely a combination of mental and spiritual processes.

Spiritual beings have no need for faces beyond the physical realm, and so the only reason angels or other beings appear human to us, is because it helps us to connect with them. They are ultimately formless when not in this realm.

Seeing a face can sometimes just be how our mind connects with a situation, so you have nothing to worry about. Have you ever heard someone’s voice on the phone or radio and started to picture in your mind what they might look like?

Sometimes, our mind does that for us, which can often be the case when faces begin to form during meditation.

Third Eye Opening

Developing spiritually is a part of your life which includes the opening of your clairvoyance sight with the help of your third eye. The best time to receive clairvoyant information is when you are relaxed. For example, right before going to bed or during meditation.

Once the Third Eye is open, any psychic activity that happens in your surroundings will start making sense as you can connect certain events and information to make sense out of it.

When things start to make sense, the seeing of faces in the dark will not freak you out anymore. So, try to keep your third eye open as much as you can.

Are the Faces You See at Night Really Ghosts?

Thinking of these faces as being ghosts is the instant thought that comes to your mind. It is natural and happens immediately. However, this is not the case. If the face you keep seeing is 1 person alone, then it might be a spirit who is trying to connect with you.

On the other hand, if there are many faces of people who keep appearing in front of your eyes then it might just be a reflection of your inner thoughts.

Seeing faces in the dark, while meditating, or even when you close your eyes can also be a sign of future possibilities. It might be the angels who are trying to make you realize something about the upcoming future that is yet to be unlocked.

Seeing faces while Meditating

In reality, the visitation of spirits does not happen through seeing faces while meditating. So, if that thought arises in your mind, it can’t be valid. Thus, you do not need to fear any spirit visiting you. However, you might still be fearful as it is not normal for you to see faces like this.

In that case, you always have the angels who are available to help, guide and assist you in anything in life regardless of where you are or who you are.

In this case, invoking Archangel Metatron is the best way to put your mind and your thoughts at ease. You should make a prayer with a good intention and a good heart to seek his help.

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