Activating Your Earth Star Chakra

Earth Star Chakra

Activating your Earth Star Chakra is important as it has the potential to help you meditate, open your heart, and take step consciously in an effective and efficient manner. Not only can you activate your Chakra but, other chakras can also be activated to further enhance the abilities mentioned above. The path that leads you to activate your chakra has already been defined for you here…

Activating your Chakra

There is a 12 Chakra system with each chakra having its own defined qualities. To move into this system, you first need to activate the 7 chakra that are contained in your physical body. The way to do this is to ground your energy to the Earth and lift yourself up into the Divine Light. By doing this, you will unite these 7 chakras as one unit.

When you have succeeded in making them a single unit, they will shine with a bright white light that follows your spinal column. The foundation of your light body is this white light which is an essential component of the activation of your 12 chakra system. You have accomplished a huge task and should be proud of it!

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The Next Step

The next step is to further higher your ascension. But, before that, you need to make sure that you have grounded yourself to the Earth by the crystalline grid.

Once you activate your 12 chakras, a lot of crystalline energy will find a pathway to enter your body. To avoid the chances of having an overload of energy and to avoid the risk of blowing out a fuse, you need to ensure that you have activated your Earth Star Chakra first.

This chakra is located about 12 inches below your feet. It is often associated with oneness and is connected to the Earth; as the name itself suggests.

Your Star Chakra

As you work to adjust, mend, and initiate your Chakra, you are finishing effective clearing and recuperating work for mankind and the Earth and also to your own life. Discover here how to do a Chakra cleansing.

Your Earth Star is associated with living multidimensional soul of Mother Earth and to the Earth’s crystalline framework. At the point when your Chakra is clear and adjusted, you can be clear and adjusted in your everyday life.

You’re ready to exceptionally work in physical reality, while all the while tying down the merry light vibrations of the higher domains into physical shape.

Your Earth Star Chakra deciphers the vitality of the higher measurements in a way which can be securely and equitably coordinated into the Earth’s crystalline framework.

Activate Your Earth Star Chakra

The most effortless approach to enact and adjust your Earth Star chakra is by basically unwinding and tuning in to the Earth Star Activation Meditation with Archangel Metatron and Archangel Sandalphon.

Sit down outside in a characteristic setting (One of the best places to enact this Chakra, is while ruminating outside in fellowship with Mother Earth.)

You might need to set down specifically on the Earth, close your eyes, and unwind. Discover the vibration of appreciation and gratefulness for the Earth and all the numerous gifts she brings to your vibration. Welcome in Archangel Sandalphon to enable you to interface with the holy light inside the Earth to actuate, wash down, and adjust your Chakra.


Next envision light from the center of the Earth streaming up in through the base of your feet and up along your spinal section. Feel and experience white light going into every one of your chakras and joining them as one.

Envision a waterfall of Divine light from the Heavens pouring downward on you, purifying your general existence, and streaming down into the Earth underneath your feet… Go with it.  Feel your vitality establishing and going down into the light at the center of the Earth.

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