Agate Stone – All that you need to know about it!


In this article, we will explore the Agate meaning as it has made its way through human history. We’ll then go on to explore some of the Agate healing properties and how these can be used to heal your Chakras. Finally, we’ll take a look at some of the Agate jewelry that you may choose to wear.

Agate – A gem that acquired its name from the river Achates on the island of Sicily off the coast of mainland Italy. In its raw form, it can often look like a rather unattractive lump of Earth but in its polished or crystal forms, it becomes a truly wonderful gem. The Agate crystal is most commonly found in volcanic locations.

Back to Basics

The Agate crystal is most commonly found in volcanic locations. It’s no accident that the river it is named after just happens to be close to Mount Etna, a volcano almost as infamous as its not-to-distant neighbor: Mount Vesuvius.

The stone does appear in many other parts of the world but usually with a slightly different design.

Versions of it have been found in Mexico and Brazil. We also get a version in Lake Michigan which is one of the few versions that doesn’t form under volcanic processes.

Agate Meaning

Of course, as with any gem, there are varying meanings attached to it. Many Ancient cultures viewed it as a stone of protection.

For example, in the Middle East, they believed that the stone’s function was to ward off evil spirits that would seek to trick or harm us.

The Ancient Egyptians had a slightly different belief: they considered the stone to protect areas from natural disasters such as droughts (or even the feeling of thirst) and storms.

The Agate gemstone to them was a signal to the God’s that a certain building or city was under that God’s protection.

Other parts of the world had their own meanings as well. In Asia, various cultures viewed the Agate meaning to be related_posts to the soul.

Its natural energy would ward off negative spirits but also negative energy, allowing those who wore it to keep their spirit clean and positive.

In Medieval Europe, also known as the Middle Ages, a similar notion to that of the Egyptians was adopted: that the stone could protect farms from disease or drought in order to ensure a plentiful harvest that year.

None of these cultures got the meaning completely wrong as this gem offers a general purpose: one most often associated with protection.

Agate Metaphysical Properties

Now that we’ve explored some of the more ancient views of the Agate crystal, it’s time we focus more on how you can use it today.

Similar to many other stones, Agate can be used as healing stones. In relation to our Chakras, it can be used to provide an overall healing effect.

Where other gems may target a specific Chakra, this one has preventative properties: it works to keep you Chakras clear, flowing and unblocked.

The gem will also interact with your Aura to provide a stronger level of spiritual protection.

Of course, sometimes we acquire knowledge a little bit too late. So if you can feel that all or at least several of your 12 Chakras are not quite as clear as they should be, then you can use this gem.

You’ll want to get yourself into a comfortable position in a quiet room.

Take some deep breaths and allow your mind, body, and soul to relax. It is best to hold the Agate gemstone in your hand during this process.

Visualize the energy as a white color that flows out of the gem and into your Crown Chakra.

Picture it slowly flowing through each Chakra all the way to your Root Chakra, turning the entire energy stream a pure, white color.

Agate Jewelry

Of course, many people lead busy lives and meditation may be difficult to find time for.

So through wearing jewelry containing this stone, you can harness the passive properties it offers.

As this gem doesn’t connect to a specific Chakra, you don’t need to worry as much about the sort of jewelry you choose to wear.

So if you want to wear a pink Agate ring or a brown Agate necklace then that is perfectly acceptable and you won’t miss out on any of the effects it offers.

Wearing jewelry of this nature allows you to absorb the energy that the stone releases.

Meditation isn’t necessary in this form but if for some reason you need to boost the energy being released by the gem, you can simply place a hand on the stone and focus on its energy.

It could be that you’re surrounded by negative energy or feel yourself in a negative space or even sense a negative spirit.

So no matter why you need comfort, you’ll find that through this gemstone.

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