Prayer for Healing – How to create your own prayer for healing

prayer for healing

Angels are always watching but sometimes they need you to take the first steps to your own recovery before they assist you. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to structure your custom prayer for healing.

Sometimes life can get you down and you may be in search of healing either of the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. It can be tricky to decide how best to word a prayer for healing in order to get the attention of higher beings.

We’ll also look at some examples. While a healing prayer and a prayer for recovery are often seen as being the same thing, a prayer for the sick can be seen as something slightly different.

Table of Contents

Original Healing Prayers

The reason that this article doesn’t just contain a list of different healing prayers is quite simple: originality is always better. Copying a prayer written by someone else can be useful.

However, it’s always better to show your own determination and ability by using an original prayer. So while this article will cover some examples of prayers for healing, these should be adapted for your own purposes.

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Imagine that somebody was writing you a letter asking for your help. Would you be more inclined to help them if they’d copied it word for word from someone else or if they wrote something original?

Your Guardian Angel can help you to relax and give you the required positive energy that will allow you to write yourself, your custom Prayer for Healing!

Where to Begin?

One of the best places to start before beginning your prayer for healing is with a pen and a piece of paper. Make some basic notes about what you want your prayer to cover.

For example, if your healing prayer is for yourself or for someone else you should specify this in your notes. Think about some of the specifics: what sort of healing is required?

Do they need help in recovering from a physical injury? Perhaps they need help overcoming a traumatic event? Maybe this person has been struggling to process certain emotions and requires help with that?

Of course, there is also spiritual healing such as when someone loses faith or strays from their moral path.

Whatever the case may be, make a note of it, and the more details you can provide the better. Any prayer for healing should be concise but still explain what sort of help or guidance is required.

Show the angels or God or whoever it is you are praying to that you will put in the necessary work to get their attention. The next stage is to consider what the end goal of this prayer is. What is the best case outcome for you or the person that this prayer for healing is for?

If you’ve broken a leg and want to be able to walk again as soon as possible, make a note of that. Similarly, if someone you know is perhaps struggling with extreme anxiety and you want to see them functioning within society again, write that down.

Creating your Prayer for Healing

We’ll now take a quick look at an example of a prayer for healing. Healing prayers don’t need to be flashy or witty. They simply need to send a clear message to whomever it is you are praying to.

Imagine that you are praying for your friend Michael who has suffered through some mental health problems.

Prayer for recovery may go something like this:

Dear angels, I ask that you focus your attention away

from me in order to help my friend Michael.

I believe that he requires your angelic guidance

and aid far more than I.

He is a good man who has suffered

from some mental health problems

that would drive most into the ground.

He pushes through but is still in need

of helpfully recovering.

It is my belief that with your assistance

and the support of those closest to him,

he can make a full recovery and reintegrate

with not only those around him

such as friends and family but also with society.

I thank you in advance for any and

all support you may provide.


Prayers for the Sick

You may be wondering what the difference (if any) is between prayers for healing and prayers for the sick. The truth is that for many, there may not be considered to be a difference at all.

However, while healing prayers or a prayer for recovery could show an emphasis on overcoming some sort of battle or wall, a prayer for the sick could be slightly different.

A prayer for the sick could be seen as a more general sort of prayers, such as a serenity prayer for all those suffering from cancer or malaria.

Does it Work?

You may be wondering if the effect is lessened at all by praying “in bulk” as opposed to for a specific person. The way you have to look at it is that many people will be praying for the relief of sickness (such as cancer).

So while the prayer itself may seem a bit vague, you won’t be the only one hoping for the same outcome. Of course, you’re still better off trying to personalize the prayer as much as possible.

Obviously, this is somewhat difficult when saying a prayer for a large number of people but we’ll take a look at an example.

Example of a Prayer for the Sick

Again, just remember that this is simply an example. You can use it as a template if you wish but try to look deep within yourself and find something that really drives the message home:

Dear God (or whoever it is you are praying to),

I send you this prayer for the sick

in the hope that you will ease their suffering.

I ask that you watch over those suffering that illness.

For those you can help, I pray that you do,

and for those who you can’t,

I pray you to reduce their pain and 

watch over their families

as they go through this tough time.

I ask that you help guide me down a path through

which I can provide the most help

to those who need it.


Final Thoughts

Don’t feel under any pressure when writing or carrying out your prayer. Just make sure it is from the heart and you won’t have any problems.  The only snag people sometimes hit is not knowing what to say.

If you follow your heart as well as the advice within this article, you’ll excel at sending the desired message.

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