How to talk to your Guardian Angel

comment parler à son ange gardien

Every human being has – most of the time unknowingly – a Guardian Angel. Even though, most of the time, they remain invisible to the vast majority of people, Angels accompany us on a daily basis. I’ve decided to reveal a few tips to establish contact with your Guardian Angel and how to talk to your guardian angel!

Finding and knowing how to talk with your Guardian Angel

The angels asked me to put them in touch with those who years of efforts, courage and hope turned into people worthy of being contacted. Your path has crossed mine because the time has come for you to be given the means to create this divine relation and make your existence much better.

To enter the angelical world and for your Guardian Angel to manifest himself to you, looking up to what astrologists call “the evening star” will be extremely beneficial to you. This is the first star that will appear in the sky at night. You can therefore not be mistaken.

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How to talk to your Guardian Angel

Do this preferably on a Friday night because it is the day dedicated to Venus, which is the celestial Door leading to the angelical world.

The calls and prayers you will send to your Guardian Angel through space will then reach him. Because that is where he has established his head office and where he is waiting for your call.

How to talk to your guardian angel – Believe in Angels

The messages will reach your Angel even more easily if you burn a stick or a cone of incense to accompany your messages. You should know that the Angels are extremely sensitive to fragrances.

Fragrances are “subtle tools” enabling them to come into contact with us, human beings, under the best possible conditions.

Even when you doubt yourself in how to talk to your guardian angel, remember that what matters most is the confidence and faith you will put in your Guardian Angel. Because, if you have faith in him, he will help you with all his might. And, since his powers will then be attuned, you wishes will be able to come true.

Your Guardian Angel is the Love that forces Fate’s hand,
He is the Enforcer of your wishes.

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