Angel Praying – What is it and how do I Do it?

Angel Praying

Praying is an act that confuses many people. It’s one thing to pray to your God but what about Angel Praying? In this article, we will explore all the ins and outs of angel prayer. So whether you’re calling my angels or you need to know how to call angels of your own for help, we’ll cover all that and more!

We’ll also take a look at the different types of prayer you may use depending on whether you’re searching for angelic protection or angelic guidance.

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What is Praying?

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to the concept of Angel Praying. Everybody has to start somewhere! It’s natural to be a little confused by it so let’s take a moment to explore the idea.

Praying is the act of sending a spiritual message out into the universe, usually directed towards a particular being such as God or a Guardian Angel.

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If you already know how to pray to God then you also know how to call angels as well. The process is the same but you’re directing your prayer to a different being.

Let’s take a look at the typical prayer process.

How to Pray

When someone is praying, what they do with their body generally varies depending on their upbringing.

Some people will kneel with their hands clasped and eyes closed, others will bow, and some will choose to pray with their legs crossed and their arms resting on their legs.

What you do with your body isn’t nearly as important as what you do with your mind and soul. Any sort of praying (including angel praying) is all about the substance of the prayer or the core.

It’s not about the fancy words that you use or the position you put your body in, it’s entirely about what you’re trying to achieve and how you’re trying to achieve it.

We will look at some examples of prayers in a moment but it’s important to understand that no one prayer is better or more efficient than another.

Don’t worry if your prayer doesn’t sound like poetry, it doesn’t have to be majestic or grand, it simply needs to be pure and honest.

Angel Praying

Angel praying can be improvised, it can be based on loose memories of other prayers, it can be based on an edited version of another prayer or it can just be a prayer that you found which speaks true to your situation.

All of these are perfectly acceptable ways to pray but saying something from your soul is always going to make you feel better about the prayer.

How to Summon an Angel

You’re perhaps wondering how to summon an angel. If you’re reading up on angel praying because you want to have the power to magically force an angel to appear in front of you then you’re going to be a little disappointed.

Angels may be servants of God but they aren’t servants to us. You can’t just snap your fingers and have them appear out of thin air ready to do your bidding.

This is a common misconception surrounding angel praying. You can carry out a prayer to angels for help but that is very different from demanding that they assist you.

If you use prayers to angels for help, they aren’t necessarily going to solve your problem for you. In fact, angels are immensely clever beings and will know whether you are capable of solving a problem yourself.

They want to provide guidance, protection, and support but if they know that you’ll grow physically, mentally, or spiritually by tackling an issue yourself then often they will allow you to do so.

Now we can take a look at some examples of prayers for varying situations.

Examples of Prayers

Angel praying doesn’t need to be a daunting experience and so when you decide to reach out for guidance, protection or support you may need a little inspiration in regards to the wording of your prayer.

You can use these examples word for word if they apply to your situation, you can edit them a little or you can use them as a guide.

Angel Protection Prayer

If you find yourself in need of protection then there is one angel above all others who you should pray to Archangel Michael.

He is quite literally the angel of protection and if he won’t protect you himself, he’ll at least provide his top angels for the job.

Archangel praying and angel praying are the same so here’s an example:

Dear Archangel Michael,

I am surrounded by negativity

in all aspects of my life and

it’s starting to take a toll.

I reach out to you now

in the hopes that you’ll use your white light

to help deflect some,

if not all of this negative energy that I face.

I am truly grateful for any

and all help I receive.


Prayer for Guidance

When you’re lost and can’t seem to find your way, you may use angel praying to ask for guidance. Many archangels can provide you with guidance in varying forms.

For example, you may choose to pray to Raphael for guidance on matters of healing, whereas you might pray to Gabriel if you’re struggling with a writing or speaking problem.

Generally, you’d be best reaching out to Archangel Uriel for guidance as she helps us in situations of helplessness.

Here is an example of a prayer to her:

Dear Archangel Uriel,

I have lost my path and

it seems that every corner

I turn simply leads me to yet another dead end.

Not only am I lost but

I can’t seem to find help

from those closest to me.

I pray to you now in the hopes that

you can send me a sign

so that I can find my way and

return to my place in this world.

I appreciate anything you can do

for me and I trust your judgment entirely.


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