14 Good Luck symbols for, Luck, Motivation and Inspiration

Good Luck symbols

Good Luck Symbols  – When we consider which objects are lucky, we often stumble upon a long list of items that have been associated with good luck in several different cultures.

When considering which bird is a symbol of good luck, every culture might have a different answer for it. Similarly, many people think of ladybugs when they are asked about what good luck symbols are.

What are Good Luck symbols?

The simple definition will be that almost an everyday object can be used as a charm. A good luck symbols charm is an amulet and/or object that is believed to carry and bring good luck to its owner.

The charms of Ladybugs for Good Luck

All across the world, Ladybugs are often considered to bring one great luck. Some cultures say that if a ladybug sits on you and you don’t brush it off, then that means you will soon stumble upon great luck.

It might also suggest that you may also fall in love and get married. This is particularly true if the ladybug lands on the maiden’s hand.

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In several German-speaking countries, the name adopted, ties together 2 words: “Glückkäfer“( aka “luck+beetle”).

The charms of Lucky Dice

When one considers how many games are played with lucky dices, it was obvious that this item was going to become a lucky charm on its own.

History tells that it was during WWII, that the airplane pilots started to carry these charms in order to make it safely back home, due to the odds of a harmless arrival at their departure point.

The Charms of Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clovers are considered the good luck symbols in the ancient culture of Ireland and a prop used for St Patricks Day. However, the Celts used to believe that the four-leaf clover can aid in spotting the fae.

The mischief of fae was considered bad luck on its own. The mystical power of the four leaves clover is well known: it will express itself as luck, persistence, faith, hope, love, among others.

The Lucky charms of Horseshoe

According to the ancients, the horseshoe has always been linked with popular superstitions. The different legends actually depict that this particular item has lucky powers on its own.

One of the legends portrays that given that these horseshoes are typically made of iron, mischievous fairies are repelled by iron-made good luck symbols.

The charms for Lucky Number Seven

Through the years of growing up, almost everyone has heard that the number 7 has always had a lucky streak. This is because, according to many, the number 7 has been interlinked with being lucky and gaining knowledge in certain scenarios.

Perhaps, one of the reasons for this sort of belief is that the number is known to have special mathematical properties as well, even if they are made as good luck symbols.

In modern cultures in the biblical sense, 7 are the number of days of the Creation, as the 7 colors of a rainbow.

The Charms for Lucky Number Eight

For most of the oriental culture, the number 8 is considered the luckiest. It is considered a symbol that might bring luck to one’s path of life, and many people associate this with the graceful curves of the number as well.

The number itself is known to depict prosperity and harmony. Balance and harmony are vital ingredients for a lucky life and innate to this number that symbolizes the infinity of the world as well.

The Charms for Lucky Rabbit Foot

Many people might have spotted keychains that have rabbit foot made on them. They are often made from prototype material, and many places might even have the real grotesque ones as well.

This tradition is mainly derived from the voodoo aspects of magic, where people may use good luck symbols. It might also be used to depict inspirational growth in life, as well. These days, people often keep stuffed felt rabbits as well.

Charms featuring more Animals

Several animals are used to depict lucky charms in their lives. They can mean differently in different cultures; however, some of the common ones include goldfishes, which are known to attract luck and prosperity.

Dragons and horses are also considered lucky in several cultures. In Germany, lucky pigs are gifted around as tokens for good luck and to wish them a brighter start for a new year.

Some cultures also consider turtles lucky because of their extended lifespan. Since there are so many options available, it is extremely easy to find the lucky charm animal of your choice.

The Rainbow charms for Good Luck

There are several legends and stories out there that claim the appearance of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. This is why rainbows are considered lucky sightings.

They are pleasing to look at, and their appearance is something that shakes one down to the core at the end of a stressful day to finally be able to relax.

The charms of Lucky Coin

People have been picking up pennies wherever they find them. Keeping that penny provides them with a semblance of good luck even through the rough times.

In many cases, simply finding money is considered a sign for good luck in its simplest form.

The charms of Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo has an aesthetic appearance of its own. Some people even consider that the longer the stalks of bamboo, the luckier it will appear to be.

People connect it with fortune, happiness, and contentment in good luck symbols.

The charms for Dreamcatchers

A dreamcatcher may appear like a net or web that is wrapped around a loop with beading and feathery decorations. According to the lore of Native America, dreamcatchers are known to trap nightmares away.

Perhaps, this is one of the biggest reasons why they are considered lucky. They bring happiness and balance within the household, but good luck charms are commonly used as decorations as well.

Evil Eyes for pushing away Bad Luck

There are places where looks can be categorized as malevolent, and people tend to take them seriously as well. They consider these envious glares as a sign of bad luck inflicted with the aid of someone else.

The issues that may arise can vary from sicknesses to physical problems as well. People often have charms that resemble eyeballs to push away the effect of the evil eye.

People consider Acorns as Lucky signs

Perhaps acorns can be considered the most accessible lucky charms since much of the Norse myths indicate them as to have divine powers.

They are also considered the symbols of luck as well. In the olden times, people used to carry them in their pockets with the hope that they will bring them good fortune in claiming the goals they have set out to achieve.

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