7 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Everyone has a time in their life where nothing is going right, and everything seems to be a mess. When the chaos of our life gets too much to bear, and our patience level starts to go down, and we start to lose out on life. It is a time when God starts to test your faith and patience. In real terms, it is a time when you start to experience spiritual awakening.

Reality vs. Illusion

You might have thought of it as being a very dreamy sort of thing, but in fact, a spiritual awakening is not as pleasant as you would expect it to be. You often learn to evolve by facing tough challenges in life. It is during these challenges that you get the opportunity to make conscious decisions to enhance your decision-making skills. It helps us to get the toxicity out of our lives and start afresh.

It affects the body, mind, soul, and spirit of a person. From what the mind perceives of it, it offers a clearer understanding of the difference between reality and illusion. The initial psychic awakening experience is not very shocking; it is gradual in the sense that you start making sense out of all the little things in life. However, in the long-run, it becomes a tedious process when you are to let go of the illusions that you believed about yourself; such as qualities you thought you had but in reality, did not.

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Signs of spiritual awakening

The mind plays tricks with you; it makes you believe certain things that do not exist. The purpose of the spiritual awakening is to ensure that you lead a right path that walks you towards the reality of life; and not on the illusions that the mind makes you believe deceptively.

Everything has signs and symptoms that lead to the recognition of it. Just like that, signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening also exist. We discuss some of them here which have been highlighted below:

Your mind is empty

For many people, this may not be something to worry about because it is a normal thing to happen. But, imagine that while reading something, you can’t comprehend what it means or while solving a game of Sudoku, you do not know which number goes where because your mind is not helping you think. In this case, you will start to get terrified of what is going on. It is one of the spiritual signs you need to look out for.

You become an introvert and are happy about it

Suddenly, one day you decide to completely cut off from the world. You are adamant about this decision and you rather than being indecisive about it; you feel pretty good. This is not something normal and indicates that you consider a spiritual awakening.

You tend to lose focus easily

To complete a given task, or to get a job done, you need to have good focus so that your work is up to the mark. But, if you tend to lose focus easily after every short while, then you need to consider that you might be experiencing a psychic awakening.

For example, when you are given the task of completing a project, you have all the data and all resources needed, but you keep on procrastinating. Then, when the time comes to submit it, you start compiling it in a rush, and although you know your deadline is in a few days, you still do not finish the compilation and instead decide to hang out with your friends.

This shows that you are losing your focus, first by not wanting to finish it, and later by wanting to hang out.

You start to question the decisions you make

Life is filled with occasions where you are required to make important decisions. When you start to feel that you do not know what to decide or you become indecisive, that point is where your spiritual awakening starts to kick in.

For example, when you go shopping and want to buy jackets because winter has approached, you liked this nice sweater and agreed upon buying it. But, after a while, you question yourself repeatedly, whether or not you NEED it? The point where you constantly keep questioning yourself is the point where you need to take into consideration your psychic awakening.

You like to spend time alone.

To spend time alone is something every human wants to do when hardships get too much to bear. But, if you feel the urge to be left alone ALL the time, then something is not right. Your conscious mind is starting to be awakened, and you are enlightened spiritually.

Your intuition gets stronger.

The point in life when you feel that your gut feeling is always turning out to be right is not your paranoia. It is a symptom of your conscious awakening. It may seem to you as if you are going crazy, but it is the sign from above that you need to start reconsidering things in life from a different perspective.

To have no tolerance.

To have tolerance in life is essential so that a good balance exists. But, if you get intolerant all the time related_posts to the smallest of issues that go on in your surrounding environment, it is a sign of awakening.

Spiritual awakening, although is a tough time in life, it teaches you a lot of different things that will help you out in your future and are meant to be for your benefit. Rather than treating spiritual awakening as a challenge, face it as an opportunity so that you can greatly benefit from it!

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