Earthbound Spirits 101

earthbound spirits

What exactly are Earthbound spirits? Are they ghosts or are they something completely different? In this article we will be answering both of these questions. We’ll explore why it is that these spirits are still here, what sort of consequences that can have and perhaps most importantly: how to help a spirit cross over because believe it or not, there is a correct way to help spirits cross over and it doesn’t involve reading passages from a bible while you throw holy water into the air. So let’s jump straight into looking at what exactly an Earthbound spirit is.

Earthbound Spirits –  What are they?

In today’s world, it’s difficult to understand certain aspects of spirituality thanks to how these ideas are mutated for entertainment purposes. I’m sure you’ve all seen at least one ghost film. Usually these involve trapped spirits who haunt, taunt, torture and quite often kill the characters within these movies. In reality, spirits aren’t something to be feared. In simple terms they are simply confused and lost souls. When someone dies, they usually move on towards the light and what lies beyond. In some cases, a spirit is held back within the physical world instead of moving on. This can be due to a number of reasons.

These Earthbound spirits are a form of ghost or more accurately, they are what the idea of ghosts is based upon. In reality, they are forms of trapped energy. Many Earthbound spirits don’t even have a form and aren’t noticeable at all beyond their effect on energy. They don’t possess the same sort of consciousness as we do and quite often wander familiar places or stay trapped within their home or an item that was precious to them. In some cases, these spirits aren’t even aware they are dead. In others, they are confused and don’t understand what has happened to them or where to go. This is why helping spirits cross over is vitally important.

What do they do?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no reason to fear Earthbound spirits. They aren’t going to throw chairs around or shatter windows or anything like that. What they will do (not intentionally) is drain energy from those around them. You see, due to having no physical form and not belonging in this world, an Earthbound spirit has no way of recharging its energy. As it runs low, it naturally sucks in energy from anyone or anything it can. Often a spirit will latch on to somebody it feels connected to. This could be a family member, friend or a complete stranger. The spirit’s negative energy essentially leaks into the host as its positive energy is drained. This takes us onto some of the signs out may have a spirit near you.

Signs of Earthbound Spirits

Unfortunately, these signs are often incredibly subtle and the victim is unlikely to be aware of these changes within themselves. As a spirit drains energy, it essentially possesses the victim. So gradually, the spirit will share its negative energy, worries and concerns (which are often powerful), addictions, and even pains that can often relate to the way they died. This form of possession isn’t like the sort you see in horror films. An Earthbound spirit doesn’t take control, it essentially just leeches onto someone. These changes can become intense and disturbing and will often lead to increased psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, mood swings and even some physical symptoms such as a general lack of energy or headaches.

How to Help a Spirit Cross Over

If you’ve noticed these behaviors in yourself or someone else then you need to know how to release Earthbound spirits. Helping spirits cross over isn’t as challenging as you may believe and it’s certainly nothing like you’ve seen in the movies. You may have to try various techniques as the reason why the spirit is trapped here is going to alter how to help a spirit move on. We’ll look at a couple of the most effective ways to complete this task. Just know that there is nothing to be afraid of. Keep in mind that these Earthbound spirits are mostly energy often with fragments of their consciousness left.

Ask you Angels

The first step, which can often be the solution in itself, is to consult your angels. If you’re not sure how to help spirits move on then they can offer guidance. There are various ways they can offer direct help as well. Angels can guide the spirit across to the other side if that’s an option so often asking your angels for help is enough. Other times they might guide you towards a prayer to help spirits cross over. It could be that the spirit needs words to come from the physical world to direct it towards the spiritual one.

You can also ask your angels for protection. As I mentioned earlier, you’re not in any danger but it is possible that a spirit could sense your spiritual energy and choose to latch onto you. By receiving protection such as an angelic shield, you won’t have to worry about such things. It can also provide protection from any future Earthbound spirits.

Offer Guidance

When a spirit is lost or confused but less fractured than most Earthbound spirits, they can be communicated with. Unless you perform a seance the communication is likely to be one directional but often that is enough. For some spirits crossing over is a terrifying ordeal, as they fear the judgment that follows. You have to reassure these types of spirits that they are going towards the light and should embrace the warmth it offers. For the Earthbound spirits who are unaware of their demise, comfort is the best approach. Let them come to terms with being dead but provide them with support and let them know that there’s nothing to be afraid of, they are just a little lost. Offer to help them find their way and simple tell them to follow the light.


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