The Wisdom of the Breath


Breathing is absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. That is what we do every second, without even thinking about it. But, beyond this vital function, breathing has a mystical meaning of the wisdom of the breath

Repel negative energies

One of my old friends, a Chinese Taoist, used to tell me that it was possible – and even very easy – to get rid of the negative energies that are a nuisance: negative thoughts, bad memories, stress, fears, anxiety, etc.

He even used to say that it was possible to keep physical illnesses and mental disorders at bay. He claimed that merely breathing could make it possible, thus the importance to master the wisdom of the breath.

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The wisdom of the Breath – Breathing is living

Breathing is living and when you stop breathing… life comes to an end.

The Greeks viewed breathing as a genuine mediator of the soul belonging to the body. They referred to it as “wisdom of the breath”. As for the Chinese, they consider it an essential form of energy.

Yogis turned the use of their breath into the foundation of their immense powers. Many Western therapists have also understood how great the benefits derived from this use can be.

Let light come into your life thanks to the wisdom of the breath!

Here is the simple but wondrous Method of my old Taoist friend. Implement it every day assiduously and I promise that your life will very quickly take a new direction:

  • Each morning, when you wake up, breathe in deeply (do that while you count to 9 and “see” yourself inhaling intense light;
  • Keep this light inside you by holding your breath while you count to 6 (this way, it will fill your entire soul and body)
  • Then, breathe out the air contained in your lungs while you count to 3 and “see” the black leave you.

This technique, which has been tried and tested for millennia in China, is called: “Repel obscurity and restore light“…

Honestly, isn’t it what you have been trying to do for a long time?

An immaterial breath forms harmony.


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