Things to Know About Psychic Premonition


You’ve probably heard the term premonition before, it’s something that has cropped up in all religions worldwide and can be found in many stories passed down from ancient times. But if you find yourself asking “what does premonition mean?” then not to worry, in this article, we will cover the premonition meaning and definition. We will also take a look at some important information surrounding this ability including signs that you have it and how it’s impacted history over the years. We’ll start off by helping you define premonition.

Premonition definition

In simple terms, it is the ability to predict future events. It’s important to clarify though that precognition is a slightly different ability from premonition. Precognition relates directly to having dreams of the future whereas premonition relates more to your awake-state whereby thoughts, feelings or even visions warn you of future events and allow you to navigate away from them whenever possible.

Not everyone is capable of using this ability but it certainly appears that the number is growing, something we will explore in a moment. First, though, let’s take a look at some signs that you have “the gift”. Being able to catch glimpses of the future isn’t always a straightforward or simple ability to deal with, as I’m sure you can imagine.

This does vary from person to person as some people will experience incredibly clear visions of the future, perhaps seeing entire events unfold or seeing signs that couldn’t possibly be misunderstood.

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Other people have more interpretation to work with and will need to make notes of signs, symbols, words, people, ETC that they witness during these flashes.

Not everyone with this ability will experience visions though. For some, the extent of their ability is feelings. For example, they may get a bad feeling about a person upon meeting them or their gut instinct may tell them to take a different path home from their usual route.

This form of premonition can be incredibly confusing as it is difficult to tell the difference between a gut feeling (in the sense of a literal gut feeling) and a premonition. If you find that your gut instinct tends to be right or that you’re having visions that come true, then these are the main signs that you’ve been gifted this ability. Some of them may be showed and occur during a free psychic reading online.

Premonition Information

Given the incredible possibilities that such a gift can create, you won’t be surprised to hear that there is a lot of interesting information surrounding this topic. We’ll now take a look at just some of the facts.

It’s Nothing New

Some people view premonition as being a fairly recent development but there are examples of it throughout history. After all, Daniel had visions of the Messiah long before the birth of Jesus.

Not to mention that Gabriel shared his premonition of the birth of John the Baptist with Zachariah, despite the priest’s belief that his wife couldn’t have children. Moving away from scripture, we find that such a gift benefited hunters during the early years of Humanity.

That gut instinct to move from one spot to another to avoid being killed by an animal or knowing which set of tracks to follow.

It has been suggested that this ability is coded within our DNA which is why some are more gifted than others. Someone could spend their whole life trying to master this ability only to be outdone by a naturally gifted individual.

This also explains the rise of those with the premonition ability as the DNA has been passed down genetically.

Taking the Warning Seriously

One problem that people with this gift face is not knowing when to take a vision seriously. There actually exists a set of general rules which those who have premonitions use to address this problem.

When having a vision or seeing a sign, they always take it as being serious if it is one of the following: a warning of health that results in either severe illness or death; if the vision itself seems more realistic than reality ever has.

If the same visions, symbols or signs have been repeating themselves (particularly if the frequency is increasing); if the premonition involves a physical injury; or if another individual with the gift has witnessed something similar or the same. You may also have some really pertinent insights when having a priority quantum reading.

Scientific Evidence

If you’re not sold on the idea of premonitions or perhaps you’re a little hesitant to believe because you’ve been raised to view such things as pseudo-science, then it may interest you to know that there is scientific evidence to support the phenomenon.

To give you just one example, a psychologist ran a series of experiments looking at how learning something in the future impacts our memory in the past. To test this, he asked participants to remember a series of words.

He’d then take the cards away and ask them to write down all the words they could remember.

Upon completing this part of the task, participants were given a couple of words (randomly selected) to repeat over and over again in their heads.

When checking the list of the words they remembered, the psychologist discovered that participants were more likely to remember the word in the first place if they went on to repeat the word after the task.

Repetition causes something to move from our short-term memory to our long-term memory and so this suggests that premonitions may relate to our own memory of events, all be it future memories.

Searching for Premonitions

While it may not be possible to force a premonition to occur, you can invite one through meditation.

Finding somewhere peaceful to meditate and allowing your mind to become completely empty opens your consciousness up to your psychic abilities.

You’re not guaranteed to experience anything but it certainly improves your chances and allows you explore any premonition you do have in more depth.

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