How to Pray to Angels

how to pray

Were you ever told that from infancy up until the day you die, you are surrounded by many angels who protect you as they are deeply concerned about your everyday well-being? This is why you need to know how to pray.

As you grow, you develop more awareness about these angels and start praying to them whenever you need help. Unless you are aware of their presence and importance in life, you would not be able to access their love and light for them to help, guide, and assist you. 

Are All Prayers Accepted?

Prayer and how to pray is an inevitable part of our everyday lives. It is not an act of worship as we are to worship only the Divine, it is an act of prayer to get help, guidance, or assistance at various stages in our lives. It is a request for support when we need it.

When you pray, do you believe with the hope that your prayer will be heard and accepted? Of course, you do but, did you know that not all prayers are accepted?

Yes, all prayers are HEARD, but not all are ACCEPTED. There are specific factors that influence the acceptance of your prayer, which has been highlighted in How to Pray” for your ease.

The first most important factor is your intention. If you pray with a pure and good intention, then your prayer will not only be heard but will also be accepted.

For example, if you pray to the angels for something that will bring harm to another person, then your prayer will never be accepted. You intend to hurt someone, and angels do not exist to cause harm to others, they exist to help you without causing harm to another.

So, you need to make sure that you pray with a pure heart and soul so that the angels help you with whatever you need help at any time in life.

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How to pray to Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is the angel that is with you from the first day of your life till the last day; he is with you through thick and thin and is always available to help you in your life regardless of the time and place.

As he is always available in your surroundings, it is best for you to pray to him when you need help, guidance, or assistance with anything.

He has the abilities that normal angels do not, and he will answer your prayer and accept it if it had been made with good intention. He is the angel who is most easily accessible as he is always available to serve you in whatever situation you need help.

Prayers Have a Designated Time for Acceptance

All prayers are answered, but they might not get accepted immediately. Everything has a time, and so do prayers. When you pray for something, it will not come to you immediately. God will test you. He will see how you pray until you learn how to pray.

Learning is a process that continues throughout your lifetime, and you can never fully learn anything. So, keep learning and polishing your abilities.

Like everything else, prayers will be accepted when they are meant to be accepted. God tests His people so if your prayer has not been answered yet… think of it as God’s test to see how much patience you have.

Train yourself to be patient so it is easier for you to pass God’s tests. Good things do not come easy, so wait and be patient. When you get what you want, the wait would have been proven to be worth every single minute.

So, do not give up and learn to be patient. None of the prayers go to waste, so believe in your prayers, and believe in the angels who will answer and accept your prayers.

You will not be disappointed. The angels are always there to help, guide, and assist you, and are always watching over you.

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